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Taking a Third Language in JC (OH2020 Print Edition)

Four third languages are offered at the H2 level—Japanese, French, German, and Spanish. Lessons are held twice a week from 5:30–7:30pm at Bishan MOELC (Ministry of Education Language Centre) for all languages except Spanish, which is held at Newton MOELC instead. Prerequisites may differ across the languages—prospective students are advised to check with MOELC for more details.  Continue reading “Taking a Third Language in JC (OH2020 Print Edition)”

Going Against the Grain: Niche Subjects (OH2020 Print Edition)

Do you want to go against the grain? Have no fear, for niche subjects are here! Disclaimer: experiences may include unlucky timetabling, knowing your tutors better than you’d like, and an absence of recorded lectures. Do head to the SEAB website and these subjects’ booths for more details!

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Taking H2 Spanish in JC – Es Pan Comido! (Please Mind the Platform Gap)

By Jermaine Wong (20S03R)

Since ‘Despacito’ topped the Billboard Hot 100 in the summer of 2017, the popularity of Spanish pop music—and along with it, Spanish and Latin American pop culture—has skyrocketed worldwide in recent years. However, where most people think of Latin pop music or telenovelas at the mention of Spanish, there is more to discover.  Continue reading “Taking H2 Spanish in JC – Es Pan Comido! (Please Mind the Platform Gap)”

Sundown: Grad Night 2019

By Rachel Leong (20A01A), Mah Xiao Yu (20A01B), and Megan Soh (20A01B)
Photographs courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society

The golden hour had finally descended upon the batch of 2019. As the sun set and dusk edged close, the stars of the night began to emerge, illuminating Orchard Hotel. Dressed in their Sunday best—complete with elaborate hairdos and flawless makeup looks—the Year 6s made their way to the Grand Ballroom, breathtakingly radiant (rivalling the sun itself!) with the post-A’s glow.

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