Finding the Small Joys: An Ode to Poetry 

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Jermaine Lee (24A01A)

I’ll readily admit: my love for poetry makes me a walking Literature student stereotype. In my free time, I enjoy scrolling through poetry websites (because poetry books are really expensive) and reading poems that I feel suit my mood. 

You’re probably thinking: another crazy Arts student trying to convince me of the merits of her pretentious and niche hobby—what a waste of my time. But wait, before you click away from this article, please hear me out for just a minute more. 

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‘Guang’: A gem on what it means to hurt and heal

Reading Time: 9 minutes

By Arissa Binte Kamaruzaman (24A01A)
This story is the second of a 3-part series focusing on films featured during the Family Film Festival, which focused on family-centered themes and stories.

Guang’’s opening scenes encapsulates the visceral, inner world of its main character: notice the sharp, creaking sound of wheels in a hospital; the restless bouncing of his feet as he waits outside his mother’s ward. Wei Guang, an autistic young man, is still navigating the world around him and all the complexities it has to offer. Be it a shift in energy, in pace, or motion, the film never shies away from dissecting Guang’s sensitivities, and embracing what it means to love and hurt the way he does. 

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Oh how I love being a woman: Celebrating Female Friendships

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Shannen Lim (24A01A)
(Written in light of National Women’s Friendship Day)

“Are you okay?” “Yeah, I’ve got my girls.” 

This is the opening to one of the many Tik Tok audios under the trend of celebrating girlhood and female friendships. These Tik Tok videos feature many across the world sharing pictures of their gal pals and fun activities they engage in together. 

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An Ode to Waffles…

Reading Time: < 1 minute

By Arissa Binte Kamaruzaman (24A01A), Camillia Anum Mohamad Ashraff (24S03B), Cao Yuhan (24S03M), Chandrasekaran Shreya (24S06A), Cheah Zong Heng (24S06P), Chia Kei Yin (24S03C), Dang Tran Minh Phuong (Annie) (24A01A)

Being a Rafflesian may be a vastly different adventure for different people, but the spark of joy when a classmate asks “Anyone wants something from Chill?”, the anticipation of biting into a freshly-baked waffle, and the glee in comparing waffle flavours with friends are central parts of the RI experience. Raffles Press dives into stories behind the waffle-making process and what waffles truly mean to Rafflesians.

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“Hasbro? No, Has Been”: CLUE, In Retrospect 

Reading Time: 10 minutes

By Arissa Binte Kamaruzaman (24A01A) and Camillia Anum Mohamad Ashraff (24S03B) 

Photographs courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society and Raffles Players

On 13 May 2023, Raffles Players held their annual College Production at RI’s very own Performing Arts Centre. This year, they staged a sold-out show of Clue.

Three months on, Raffles Press looks back on the production, as well as its journey to the stage from two perspectives: the audience (Arissa) and Raffles Players themselves (Camillia).

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