Author: Victoria Lim (23S06B)

RI200 Special: CCA Histories

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Raphael Niu (23A01A) and Victoria Lim (23S06B)

As RI celebrates its 200th anniversary, we often forget that some of our CCAs have histories that date back just as long. Let’s take a look at the early beginnings of some of these CCAs, and learn more about how they were started and how their activities have changed over time. Besides that, read on to learn about a very unique CCA that was formed in 1965. 

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Our Canteen Heroes: The People Behind Our Raffles Food

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Tay Yu Ning (23S06E) and Victoria Lim (23S06B)

Day in, day out, busy RI students patronise the various stalls in the canteen, looking to satisfy their hunger with something sumptuous. Piping-hot prata, spicy tom yum noodles, fragrant chicken rice: these are all what keeps us going after many hours of monotonous tutorial lessons. But have you ever wondered about the people behind all the delicious food in school? Where did they learn their trade, and what does their day look like?

In this article, we feature four canteen stall owners: Marni (Asia Ghani’s Prata Hut), Emily (J&E Yong Tau Foo), Ricky (Yuan’s Western Food) and Fiona (Thai Food).

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Let’s Talk About Envy

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Lim Zhi Qi Victoria (23S06B)

I want friends like that, I want his popularity, I want a partner like that, I want eyes like hers, I want her bravery and his intelligence, I want their happiness. Nobody intends to actively compare themselves with others, but it has become inevitable in the society that we grow up in. It’s natural for us to collect information about our surroundings, and use it to evaluate how we are doing in life. 

Though not all forms of comparison lead to envy, envy always starts with self-comparison. I think the envy that we experience nowadays goes far beyond just wanting something, but also includes the element of not wanting the other person to have it. 

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Teachers’ Day 2022: Just Joined

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Lim Zhi Qi Victoria (23S06B), Saara Katyal (23S05A), and Tang Lanyun (23S05A)


Y5 Chemistry teacher Ms Juniper Thang has more than a few tricks up her sleeve. Apart from being a proud Chemistry enthusiast, she also loves to immerse herself in the wonders of music and theatre. Apart from that, she has a passion for sport, and as the Soccer (Girls) teacher-in-charge, she will often join them in friendly matches.

Ms Thang’s passion for music began as a young child when she took part in piano lessons, a common beginning for many of us in the music world. As she got older, her love for music grew, and she started playing for her church. During university, a time of growth and exploration, she picked up the saxophone and began to pen her thoughts down to turn into song lyrics. She wound up writing about all sorts of eclectic topics—according to her, “that’s what makes music fun!”

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