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Please Mind the Platform Gap: Choosing a Contrasting Arts Subject

Reading Time: 7 minutes

By Trudy Chak (16S03D)

You’ve chosen the Science path after some debating and after deciding on memorising piles of notes and formulas that don’t quite make sense, you’ve come to yet another forkroad: choosing your contrasting (humanities) subject. There’s the ever popular Economics, the usual suspects of Geography, Literature and History as well as oddball subjects like English Language and Linguistics, Art and Music. Matriculation has never been peskier.

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Preview: AnyBody Can Dance

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Wong Wan Ting (12A03B)

Everyone in RI knows what’s coming up this Friday and Saturday—Raffles Street Dance (or Street, as the CCA is affectionately known) is organising their first ever concert, AnyBody Can Dance (ABCD)! Tickets reportedly sold out within 3 hours, testament to how excited everyone is about their concert. Not only have their great posters (see example above) called attention to the upcoming dance extravaganza, but their ingenious publicity videos (see example below!) with catchy music and interesting concepts have also contributed to the concert’s popularity. Raffles Press takes a look behind the scenes of ABCD, in an interview with Amanda Law, President of Raffles Street Dance.

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