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By Wong Wan Ting (12A03B)

Everyone in RI knows what’s coming up this Friday and Saturday—Raffles Street Dance (or Street, as the CCA is affectionately known) is organising their first ever concert, AnyBody Can Dance (ABCD)! Tickets reportedly sold out within 3 hours, testament to how excited everyone is about their concert. Not only have their great posters (see example above) called attention to the upcoming dance extravaganza, but their ingenious publicity videos (see example below!) with catchy music and interesting concepts have also contributed to the concert’s popularity. Raffles Press takes a look behind the scenes of ABCD, in an interview with Amanda Law, President of Raffles Street Dance.

What is the concert going to be like—what can we expect? Any funky stuff that makes ABCD stand out in comparison to other concerts?
Expect a night filled with epic choreos sans drama, maybe a little high school romance… everything a dance academy would be, not to mention some pretty interesting yet lovable characters. What makes ABCD special is that it is a message about dance, about the culture of Street. It is a milestone in our CCA’s history, bringing together Streeters all the way from the pioneer batch that first started it. And did I forget to mention the sickest dance moves? :)

What was it like to organise Street’s first ever concert?
It’s been tiring and stressful, definitely. Sleepless nights, crazy running around, practice nearly 24/7, and lots of pressure… but insanely fun. It’s something we all love and are very excited about, so fingers crossed for an unforgettable show!

All the tickets sold out within three hours; that must be quite an achievement! How did you guys feel about it?
We’re really grateful for all the support from school, and extremely excited that we will be able to showcase what Street is all about! A big thank you to all, and we hope that after the concert, everyone will understand just why we love Street so much :)

Anything else you would like to add :)

Watch an entertaining publicity video for ABCD below!

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