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Homeground Carnival 2017

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Yang Si Qi (17A01C) and Bill Puah (17S06B)

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Bright-eyed and as ready as ever. 

It’s an early Saturday morning, but bright-eyed students are already milling about in the Albert Hong Hall, rushing around carrying props and setting up booths. These are the members of Community Advocates (CA), who have worked hard in planning and organizing the Homeground carnival, and are putting the finishing touches before the student volunteers and non-teaching staff arrive.

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Please Mind the Platform Gap: H2 Art – Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Reading Time: 7 minutes

by Noor Adilah (17S06B)

You’ve heard the stories. You’ve seen the gorgeous paintings that line the corridors. You’ve probably even gawked at the beautiful Art Studio where mysterious art students spend inordinate amounts of time. What goes on in there? What are those mysterious wooden structures in the corridor? Did the Art students put those mannequin body parts there just to scare me?

Last year’s H2 Art Exhibition, aptly titled Where Art Thou? created a space for anyone to marvel at the beautiful works that the Art students created in their first year. It allowed visitors who entered the mysterious, hallowed Art Studio to meet students taking the subject. The Exhibition aimed to display artworks and creations that students made, as well as the Art theory and history that they studied over the course of the year.

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CCA Previews ’17: Cross Country

Reading Time: 3 minutes

To some, cross country runners appear to be insane. We voluntarily get ourselves to train – drenched in sweat, breathing heavily, with our fatigued bodies aching as we force our tired minds to get rid of negativity. One thing’s for certain – cross country is not an easy sport. But it’s supposed to be hard, the hard is what makes it great.

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