Noh Sangeun (23S06Q)

Koreans of RI

Reading Time: 7 minutes

By Noh Sangeun (23S06Q)

My fun fact is having a backup fun fact: that I’m Korean. As Shin Jiyeon (23S03O) puts it, the common response to this is that everyone already knows.

While it might not make for an exciting self-introduction, being Korean has certainly shaped my experience in Singapore, as it presumably has for the twenty thousand-odd others of Korean nationality living in the country. For this article, I interviewed four Korean RI students to find out more about their perspectives on living in Singapore as Koreans.

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Please Mind The Platform Gap: Taking H2 Physics

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Noh Sangeun (23S06Q)

Cover image by Tay Yu Ning (23S06E)

Maybe you’re looking to take up the unfailingly popular PCME combination. Maybe your innate intellectual curiosity compels you to uncover the workings of the physical universe. Maybe you just appreciate the simplicity of equations like P=VI and F=ma. Whatever it is, H2 Physics has something to offer to everyone, so welcome to this short preview of the curriculum!

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Tree Two One: Kicking Off a Greener Singapore

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Noh Sangeun (23S06Q)

Photos courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society, and credits to Brandon Ang (23S03L) for the title of this article.

Raffles House, at Fort Canning Park, overlooks the sleek skyscrapers of the Central Business District. As a place with such grand reminders of modernity, it seems even more meaningful that it should be a venue for the celebration of heritage and history.

Fort Canning was where, two centuries ago, Sir Stamford Raffles erected Singapore’s first botanical and experimental garden. On 4th June, the school honoured this ecological legacy: Raffles House hosted teachers, students, alumni, and esteemed guests at the inaugural tree-planting event for the 1823 Trees campaign.

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Raffles Jazz 2022: Shades of Love

Reading Time: 6 minutes

By Anamika Ragu (23A01A), Chung Thong En (22S06N), and Noh Sangeun (23S06Q)

“I hope the audience enjoys this,” said Keith Chan (23S06Q) minutes before the performance began, backstage buzzing with all the pent-up nerves of performers who hadn’t properly been on-stage for at least two years. As the clock ticked down, the PAC gradually filled up, a hum of anticipation in the air for performers and people alike.

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