Author: Raffles Press

SYF 2017: Chorale’s Voices Soar As One

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Clarine See (18S03G) and Yeo Kee Hwan (18S03Q)

The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) is a biennial event for performing arts CCAs to showcase their talents, and entails hundreds of hours of hard work and practice behind the scenes. Raffles Chorale’s months of preparation and dedication culminated in an enchanting 15-minute presentation on 20th April, at the SOTA concert hall.

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The Canteen Stall with A Cause: My NoNNa’s

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Zara Karimi (18A01A)

CEO Ms. Geraldine Tan (centre) with the very first My NoNNa’s crew, consisting of (from left to right) My NoNNa’s Stall Manager Mdm Lim, My NoNNa’s Champion Goh Wei Ting, My NoNNa’s Champion Sharon Shu & Senior Champion Jasmine Ong.

“I started My NoNNa’s after 22 years of working in the corporate sector, I wanted to do something meaningful with my time. And here we are,” recounts Ms. Tan.

Despite being located in the rightmost corner of the Y5-6 canteen, My NoNNa’s remains eye-catching. From the small cooler filled with Italian sodas, to the brightly coloured construction paper signs festooning the stall front, My NoNNa’s is immediately distinct. Yet, there is still much more to My NoNNa’s than meets the eye.

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Step Out, Reach Within: Youth Got Heart 2017

Reading Time: 5 minutes

by Andrew Atang Hidajat (17S03I) and Carman Chew (17A01D)


“I’m Luciana Johann.”

“You’re Diederik Che – uhmm what was it – riko? rika?”

“You’re…you’re…I don’t know!”

Participants of Youth Got Heart (YGH) 2017 sat around in a circle for a dementia simulation activity, attempting to memorise each other’s newly assumed, somewhat confusing identities. Laughter permeated the air of the Indoor Sports Hall as everyone soon realised that the names were designed to be distinctly immemorable. Indeed, experiential learning was one of the main draws of YGH this year.

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Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review: Every Enchanted Rose Has Its Thorn

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Ashley Tan (18A13A)

After months of hype and speculation over its actors and musical numbers, Beauty and The Beast finally hit the screen in March, with throngs of Disney aficionados filling cinema seats. While the 1991 animated version of the film may remain a well venerated classic in the eyes of many, the latest version aims to complement and reflect the complexities of contemporary society.

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