CCA Previews ’17: Soccer

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by Sulaiman DH (17S03O) and Christoph Chong (17S03K), Captain

Here at Raffles Football, we firmly believe that the most important things in life begin with an “F”. Fitness, First touch, Fortitude and of course, Football.

As with any CCA, the desire to bring glory to the school is what stands in the minds of every player here at Raffles Football. As a developmental sport, the lack of DSAs, the 2 years we have to train for A Division, and the limit to our intake from sports CCAs doesn’t prove to be a stumbling block during our season, where we have been consistently performing well. The legacy to succeed stems from the success of the football team since it was established, with the Raffles Footballer being known as one who outworks and outwits his opponent.

“Here’s how I’m going to beat you. I’m going to outwork you. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.”

― Pat Summitt

Often perceived as the underdog in our A Division season, the Raffles Footballers have frequently performed well on the big stage, most recently coming in 4th in the 2016 season.

Despite an injury-hampered season, our boys rallied as one, and eventually faced off against ACJC at the coveted Jalan Besar stadium itself. However, this was the 3rd/4th placing match, a step short of the desired final played at 5pm. It is from this that our football hashtag, #roadtoJB5pm, stems from, with our members using it to bookmark the struggles and milestones of the journey that we embark on together. As such, the boys’ effort has been exemplified in their desire and drive to win, beating opposition like 2015 runners up and champions, NYJC and MJC respectively and of course YJC, 8-0, along the way.

The Batch of 2016 celebrate their important away victory over 2015 Finalists NJYC

And so one asks, what is football known for? Hardwork and passion are values that we hold onto dearly, as we believe the most skillful player in football can always be beaten by the more hardworking player and wherein lies the beauty of the sport — that any player, of whatever shape and size, can and will succeed in his field given the proper amount of hard work, the right attitude and a driven mindset. Our effort, our sweat, our blood, your tears.

An attack from the opponent is snuffed out (Retrieved from
“The thing about football – the important thing about football – is that it is not just about football.”

Terry Pratchett

Football is also our passion. If it isn’t bantering about the recent scores of league games, discussing about tactics during lectures, or kicking a ball around after school, we still train multiple times each week.

Like many other hardworking CCAs, we do clock in three training sessions, but as season approaches, it is not uncommon to see footballers in the gym conditioning their bodies, going for short 10km runs, and analysing the videos of recent friendly matches to spot their mistakes and rectify them. If you live and breathe football, this is where you belong.

The Batch of 2017 preparing for a friendly game

So J1s, do consider football as your home for the next 2 years. Feel free to hit us up on Instagram at @fiorefootballers, or drop us an email at if you have any enquiries.

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