CCA Previews ’17: Squash

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By Chelsea Lim (17S03C), Squash Girls’ Captain

Squash is a high-paced, intense racket sport played by two players in a four-walled court. It involves physical and mental hardiness, including high agility and ability to read your opponent’s next move.

It comes as no wonder, then, that squash is named the healthiest sport by Forbes Magazine, burning an impressive 844 calories per hour on average. At Raffles Squash, we believe that this truly enjoyable sport brings people together.

Raffles Squash Family 2016

Our trainings are scheduled twice or thrice a week. A usual Monday training from 5-7pm would be physical training, with either a 4.8 kilometer run, circuit training, or a vertical run around the school compound.

Though physically strenuous, these sessions, which are planned in detail by our dedicated Coach Allan, help to build up the physical and mental endurance needed to last through the game. Team camaraderie is also fostered as fitter members encourage the weaker members during training. Wednesday and Friday court trainings are usually held in the Serangoon Garden Country Club squash courts, where members usually start off the trainings with a variety of drills, and end off with some fun matches!

It’s not all about Squash though, as our team bonds over many team lunches and dinners after trainings and competitions. With a small batch size, you can look forward to having a close-knit CCA batch.

Having fun while picking up our medals

Our peak periods are the first four to five months of the year, which lead up to the National Interschool Squash Championships. During peak periods, trainings are three times a week, and cut down to twice a week after the interschool competitions, resuming when Project Work is completed. Not to fear, however, as there will be a 2 week break at the end of the year to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.

We’d love for players with experience to join us. However, if you have experience in tennis or badminton, please come and try out as we are looking for individuals with ball sense. So, if you’re keen on joining a fun CCA that helps you keep your fitness up for the dreaded NAPFA tests, and making squash buddies that you can keep for a lifetime, come sign up for Raffles Squash!

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