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Canteen Food Prices to Rise in the Coming Month

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Tay Jing Xuan (20S03C) and Jerome Tay (20S06Q)

Readers have good reason to be excited about this coming National Day, with it having begun to unravel itself in ways unlike its predecessors. If you are pondering over prospective gifts to present the nation with, fret no longer. The Executive Committee of the canteen has come up with an ingenious idea to help all ye faithful patriots.

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CCA Previews ’19: Swimming

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Elizabeth Lee (19S03C) and Kathlyn Laiu (19S05A), Girls’ Captains and Daryl Tan (19S03F) and Dylan Siew (19S06E), Boys’ Captains

The Raffles Swim Team consists of disciplined and courageous Rafflesians willing to give their all to fulfil their full potential in the water. While many students are fast asleep there are many days where swimmers wake up at 4:45am and plunge into the cold waters at 5:30am to squeeze in a training session before school. But we are not done for the day. After a long, tiring day of school, we head back into the pool for yet another training session before heading home to hit the books. This is a common daily routine of a swimmer.

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CCA Previews ’19: Ultimate Frisbee

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Raffles Ultimate

Walk past the amphitheater on any given day and you may find some of us indulging in our favourite past time: a scrim! We’re loud, and probably even rowdy. If you’re not one of us, it might seem as if we are engaging in an unfulfilling, meaningless activity that you have very little interest in. But that’s not the case; as individuals, we may not look like much, but as Ultimate players, we are so much more. We are a family of individuals driven by our passion for the sport to give it our best in every game we play. And most importantly, we always have one goal in mind: to succeed.

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CCA Previews ’19: Sailing

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Natalia Mai (19S03F), Captain and Wong Riji (19S03G), Vice-Captain

Amidst the variegation and the complex popularity quotients of the numerous CCAs that make up our school, Sailing is always somewhere off the radar- hovering between the known and unknown. We occupy a presence among the population that only brings itself to noticeability annually when we announce our results after the Inter-Schools competition. Thus listed below is an all-you-need-to-know-about-raffles-sailing-101.

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The New Faces: 38th Students’ Council Feature

Reading Time: 8 minutes

By Wong Zi Yang (19A01D) and Joyce Lee (19S06O)
Photos courtesy of the 38th Student’s Council

Managing a 1200-strong student population with a team of 60 is no easy task — especially with the additional burden of academics, and for some, a second CCA. In spite of all this, our newly-inaugurated student Councillors strive to overcome these tribulations to bring a little something into the lives of Rafflesians. To get to know our new Councillors better, Raffles Press presents part two of our feature on the 38th Student’s Council, as interviewees Chew Jay Hong (19A13A), Tan Huiying (19S06O), and Fu Xianli (19S03O) share their feelings about Council and the ideals they wish to realise for the student population.

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