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Introduction to H1s: General Paper, Project Work, and Economics

By Chung So Hyun (18A13A) and Grace Lau (18SO3I)

What on earth is “H1”?

As to-be J1 students, we remember first coming across this unfamiliar term while talking to our seniors about “the JC life”. Initially, we thought that “H1” was an acronym for “History Paper 1”. It was only through our senior that we found out later — “H1” actually stood for the most basic level among the 3 different levels of study for the GCE A-Level subjects.

If you are as clueless as I was back then, fret not! This article is for you. In this feature, we provide a short introduction to some common H1 subjects — Project Work (PW), General Paper (GP), and H1 Economics.

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CCA Previews ’18: Raffles Press

By Lynn Hong (18A13A), Chairperson

Batch of 2018

The student journalist is an elusive species. By virtue of their small population size, they are hard to spot amongst the herds of Rafflesians. They can sometimes be seen skulking in the Performing Arts Centre during performances or on the sidelines of major inter-school sporting events. It is rumoured that they are attracted by the scent of Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Some have even said that they might be the shadow organisation behind the Word of Mouth site, posing as “Raffles Press” on the anonymous expanse of cyberspace.

In a bout of rather circular logic, these student journalists justify their existence with the cryptic claim of “student journalism”. The word appears at least once in all our manifestos, About pages, and previous CCA previews, so today, we’re breaking it down for prospective applicants.

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CCA Previews ’18: Writer’s Guild

By Harshini Rayasam (18S06B), Chairperson

”                        ”
     !            :                  ,                .
             ,            ,            ,                .
     ,              ;                              !

Blank Verse, by Ernest Hemingway

One of the first things you learn about Writers’ Guild is that there is truly nothing standing between your restless imagination and the written page. Here, there are no word limits or rubrics to measure yourself against, which is a welcome relief to those who are embittered by secondary school creative writing assignments!

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