Raffles Foosball to Become a New CCA in RI

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By Zhu Xiuhua (18S06A)


Find football cool but don’t want to train under the hot sun? Miss playing foosball during boarding in Y1-4? Already spending most of your breaks playing foosball at the Crib? If you answered yes to any of the above, then here’s some good news for you: Raffles Foosball will become a competitive CCA in RI (Y5-6)!

Raffles Foosball was formed by a group of Y6 foosball aficionados that came together in the beginning of the year. The foosball table installed in the Crib – located conveniently right next to the Y5-6 canteen – was where they decided to take their favourite pastime to the next level.

In the words of Team Leader Chew Yinggum (18S06T), “we are very grateful to the Student’s Council for the foosball table and [playing foosball] reminded us of our boarding days. Since we all like playing foosball a lot, we thought: why not make it a CCA?” And so, they did.


The process of forming the CCA was, of course, not easy. “It was hard but it’s our last year in RI and we didn’t want to leave any regrets,” explained team member Bakkut Tay (18A01F). In the past three months, the team worked tirelessly, writing “more drafts for the proposal [to establish Raffles Foosball] than for PW WR” and engaging in “intense discussions with many teachers which was a hundred times more terrifying than OP”, before they finally obtained approval from the school’s CCA department.

Now that they have secured a place in the school’s CCA list, the foosball team is very excited about their future prospects. According to Team Secretary Oolong Tee (18S05B), they will be contacting SgFoosball for professional foosball coaching and aim to do the school proud in the SG Table Football Premier League, which is held monthly throughout the year.

Unfortunately, due to the CCA stand down in May, the current Y6 members will not be able to participate in the Table Football Association Singapore (TFAS) Merlion Cup (held this June), TFAS Cup (held this December) and TFAS National Championship (held next March).

“We can’t compete in them but it’s okay because our juniors can. I hope Raffles Foosball will eventually compete in regional competitions and maybe even make it to the FISTF World Championship someday,” said team member Chee Cheongfun (18S03P).


The first CCA session is scheduled to commence on 5th April 2018 and subsequent sessions will be held every Monday and Thursday afternoon from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm at the Crib. (As a side note, Teddy – due to his constant presence in the vicinity – has been made an honorary member of the CCA.)

Anyone and everyone are welcome to join the Foosball family. If there are many sign ups, Raffles Foosball will raise funds to purchase a new foosball table by selling cotton candy and bubble tea in the Y5-6 canteen walkway.

Prospective members can indicate their interest to join the Foosball family at tinyurl.com/raffoosballsignups. For more information, please refer to the Raffles Foosball posters pasted around the school or download the PDF version here.

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