CCA Previews ‘23: Sports Recreation Club

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By Isabel Low (Captain) and Lee Ray Jin (Captain)

Sports Recreational Club is a CCA where we learn and play many different sports. We conduct PE-like modules, where members have the chance to experience and develop interests in the respective sports. Members can pick the sports they wish to experience through a vote that is conducted after every module. 

Over the course of the year, we play a great variety of sports, ranging from team-based sports like handball or ultimate frisbee, to individual sports like table tennis or archery. We forge closer bonds through experiencing different sports together and developing our interests in them.

Since our CCA involves playing numerous different sports, we do not conduct CCA sessions at one fixed location. Our CCA venues differ for each sport that we play: for example, we conducted volleyball lessons at the Blue Cages, badminton lessons at the Multi-Purpose Hall and handball lessons at the Gryphon Court. 

Aside from playing in school, we also have the opportunity to go to external venues to experience more unique sports like ice skating or kayaking. However, most of our CCA sessions for the past 2 years have been conducted in school due to COVID constraints. 

Our CCA sessions take place once a week, usually on our gap day on Wednesday. One CCA session usually lasts for 2 hours from 3pm to 5pm, excluding travel time for external activities. As each sports module that we conduct lasts an average of 3 sessions, these 6 hours provide us with sufficient time to properly learn each sport and apply our newfound knowledge in games against each other. The aim of our CCA is to spark members’ interests in different sports and provide them with a basic level of knowledge to continue playing the sport in the future. 

One highlight this year was our archery module. It lasted for a total of 3 weeks and was taught by an external vendor which came to our school to conduct lessons. 

During our first session, we learnt about the different types of archery and how the different types of archery have different types of competitions. We also learnt about the mechanics of the recurve bow, such as how it is assembled and how to shoot it using the proper stance required for competitions. Subsequently, in our second session, we then learnt about the rules of shooting in competitions and practised our skills by honing our accuracy. In our final session, we held a competition among ourselves, with cute hats as attractive prizes. 

We had a lot of fun and in the end, we all managed to gain a certificate to show that we have completed the module. This certificate also allows those who wish to pursue a further interest in the sport to do archery by themselves after the module. 

Our CCA is for anyone that wants to have more exposure to different sports or a fun time to play the sports that they love outside of PE classes and in a non-competitive environment. Hence, our CCA does not have any prerequisites to join and is ready to accept anyone no matter their skills and capabilities. We hope to welcome many of you into Sports Recreational Club! 

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