CCA Previews ‘23: Netball 

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By Anna Macinnes (Captain), Clara Tan (Vice-Captain) and Valerie Yong (Quartermistress)

Contrary to popular belief, netball is not a girl’s version of basketball. 

A high-intensity sport involving 7 players per team, netball differs greatly from its ‘sister’ sport of women’s basketball because it bars dribbling, bouncing, and running while in possession of the ball. In addition, netball not only identifies the different positions of its players, but also defines where and in which areas of the court specific players are allowed to be when they compete. Consequently, netball more heavily emphasises accurate passing, positioning and timing. 

Our current team of 18 trains 3 times a week during competition season (5-8pm on Mondays and Fridays, 8-11am on Wednesdays) and twice a week during off-season at our school netball courts. Court sessions are conducted by Mr Goh Seck Tuck (whom we affectionately call “Jiaolian”), during which we focus on developing our skills on the court. Weekly visits to the school gym with our strength and conditioning (S&C) coach also help us develop the necessary strength, agility and endurance to perform in a match.

So, why Netball? Through our vigorous and tiring training sessions, we have shed blood sweat and tears, shared experiences of ups and downs, and fostered strong bonds with one another. This has made our CCA almost like a second home! In addition, you can look forward to many exciting events, such as the National School Games, friendlies and carnivals, and may also get the opportunity to compete against overseas school teams! 

If you have competitive experience in Netball, we warmly welcome you to be part of us. If you are someone who wants to work with a team of equally passionate individuals and has the will to improve, Netball is the CCA for you! 

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