CCA Previews ’23: Outdoor Adventures and Activities Club

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By Atharshlakshmi Vijayakumar (Co-Chairperson) and Scott Lee Wen Ze (Co-Chairperson)

If you want to join a CCA that does this…

Exploring the rich wilderness of Singapore (photo taken post-Covid)

or this…


You have come to the right place!

What will your journey in ODAC be like?

It would start with the annual Basic Training Camp at Pulau Ubin! This camp is meant for you to get familiar with the CCA and hone your camping skills such as tent pitching and outdoor cooking. This will also serve as an opportunity for you to bond with your new batchmates!

Basic Training Camp 2022, Campfire

ODAC is bustling with activities throughout the year! 

Firstly, we host Raffles Race, which is an annual school-wide event that participants across the student population can join to compete in! Groups will be put through a series of games that  will test their wits and physical strength, and the group that overcomes every challenge and perseveres till the end will enjoy the taste of victory. Without a doubt, completing this event is no easy feat—but it’s definitely worthwhile and enriching. 2022’s theme for Raffles Race was “Olympian Odyssey”, with games inspired by Greek gods and goddesses. 

Rafflesian flipping a tire, 2022 

Next, we organise ODACIA, where seniors from the past batches will be invited to spend an afternoon playing games, reuniting with their batchmates and sharing their experience in ODAC. 

What would the outdoors be without expeditions? Every year, the Year 5 batch gets an opportunity to go on an overseas expedition. We usually embark on our first expedition to Mount Ophir in Johor, Malaysia. This expedition serves as an introduction to the great outdoors, which includes thrilling activities such as waterfall abseiling, river scrambling, as well as trekking on unfamiliar terrain like hiking up Mount Ophir. However, this has not been possible for the past 3 years due to COVID, but it may change with your batch! 

Here are some activities we do once a year!

How about kayaking while cleaning the Kallang River?
Ever navigated through a cave in the dark? Been there and done that!
Cycling at Coney Island!

Our CCA sessions are usually held on Mondays (4.30-6.30pm) and Wednesdays (8-11am/12pm). Mondays are reserved for skills and physical training. Essential skills like first aid, knot tying, tent pitching and backpacking are taught. PT games are conducted to maintain our members’ physical fitness while having fun in the process!

Our Wednesday training sessions are meant for outdoor activities like hikes and backwoods cooking!. On some Wednesdays, ODAC picks up our backpacks and sets on a route to experience the biodiversity in Singapore that we rarely experience. Every hike is a new opportunity to learn something new. Our teachers usually engage us in enriching discussions about the flora and fauna that we come across. 

Here are some hikes we have gone for!

Rail Corridor 
Southern Ridges

If you believe adventures in the outdoors are for you, come join us!

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