CCA Previews ’23: Chamber Ensemble

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By Beatrice Lau Kai En (Chairperson), Zhang Yifei (Vice-Chairperson) and Huang Yiyao Casey (Secretary) 

Every Wednesday morning, from 7.45 to 10.45am, a handful of individuals convene at the Indoor Sports Hall for CCA. However, they do not belong to a sports CCA: the only exercise they get is carrying their instruments to school and playing them during CCA. What kind of bizarre, eccentric CCA is this?

This is, of course, Chamber Ensemble! 

Our CCA is housed in the humble (and perhaps small) Chamber Room located in a corner of the ISH. Despite its modest size, the Chamber Room is home to the memories of generations of musicians. Our conductor, Mr Lin, was also once a starry-eyed student at the Chamber Ensemble. 

Our conductor, Mr Lin Juan

If you join us, Mr Lin will be your conductor for weekly sessions and other performances! You could be performing with…

your best friend,

your chamber group at concerts,

or together with the entire ensemble at the Singapore Youth Festival!

Did that make your heart skip a beat? Palpitate excitedly? Perhaps even light a spark in you? If the answer is yes, we are pleased to have you! 

“Great! Can I join now?” you might ask. Well… not yet: we do expect two things of you. 

Firstly, the ability to play a string instrument is instrumental (pun intended). However, do not worry too much because we do not measure this ability by certificates and awards; we instead put it to the test through a short audition and an interview. Secondly, a passion for music-making is essential. Things can get tough during the two hectic years here in RI, thus requiring passion to carry you through the challenges you’ll face!

Kudos to you if you’ve made it this far: we hope we’ve earned ourselves a new ensemble member. See you at the auditions!

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