CCA Previews ’23: Raffles Chorale

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By Nandhini Elangovan, Chairperson; Kylle Lansangan, Vice-Chairperson; Nina Zhou, Vice-Chairperson

Do you believe in magic?

If you don’t, perhaps this will make you think again! If you happen to pass by LTs while taking a stroll on a fine Wednesday morning or Friday evening, you may hear melodious voices soaring through the air. That’s us – Raffles Chorale – in action! We comprise singers from all walks of life – from dedicated music-makers to the aspiring bathroom singer – united by our passion to use our voices to make magic!

The world of choral music is a wildly different adventure compared to mainstream pop. With just our voices and architectural acoustics, choral music hinges upon blending and vocal techniques to deliver magic. Our vast repertoire ranges from pop songs like Viva La Vida, to Renaissance pieces like Locus Iste, to traditional folk songs like Baba Yetu! Travel the world on the magical wings of Raffles Chorale, as we dive into various cultures and languages – from English to Latin, German and French.

Our rigorous yet fulfilling practices have allowed Chorale to garner many achievements. From our streak of Distinctions in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival, to obtaining the Gold Award in the 12th International Choral Festival Orientale Concentus in 2018, these accomplishments exemplify our never-ending pursuit of musical excellence and “magic-making”, as our esteemed conductor Mr Toh Ban Sheng calls it.

Aside from participating in competitions, Chorale also organises our yearly student-run charity concert, led by our very own Y5s: Vocal Delights! Here, we present a variety of pieces, and explore the more contemporary aspects of music such as beatboxing and music mixing. It is a great opportunity for Chorale to develop not just our singing capabilities, but our leadership competencies as well.

So, if you would like to make musical magic with us, then come join us in Raffles Chorale – where there is no such beauty as where you belong.

Here is a video preview of what life in Raffles Chorale looks like:

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