Cross Island Impressions: Issue #4

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By Mei Feifei (22A13A), on behalf of Raffles Press

The theme for this year’s Cross Island Impressions is ‘Through the Journalist’s Lens’. This theme provides two areas for exploration: first, where does the journalist look for newsworthy stories? There are many things that the average student takes for granted — think something as commonplace and mundane as online lectures — that deserve behind-the-scenes stories. Second, where does the future of journalism lie? The world’s largest newspaper publications have gone multimedia in response to their audiences’ changing needs: a three minute video with suitable graphics and engaging animations is much preferred to a traditional three thousand word article.

The 2022 edition of Cross Island Impressions thus aims to look at where we can find our stories now, and how we can harness the power of photo, audio and video to supplement our craft.

On behalf of Raffles Press, I hope you enjoy reading Cross Island Impressions Issue 4: Through the Journalist’s Lens.

Special thanks to the other student journalism societies that worked on this with us: The Origin (EJC), Hwa Chong Publications Society (HCI), Editorial Wing (National Junior College), NUS High Press (NUSH), The Raffles Gazette (RGS), Tribune (RVHS) and The Victorian Press (VJC).

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