CCA Previews ’22: CLDCS

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By Joash Chee (22S06A), Chairperson, Wang Shi Ying (22S06H), Vice-Chairperson and Liow Ying Xuan (22S03J), Secretary

We are officially known as the Chinese Literary Drama Cultural Society, or “CLDCS” in short, but don’t be intimidated by our name! CLDCS actually comprises two sub-sections: songwriting and drama. Members are free to choose to join either section, or both!


Session Timing: Every Wednesday 2.30pm-4.30pm (for both in-person and online sessions)

Fret not if you have absolutely zero past experience!

In our CCA, you will not only have the chance to familiarise yourself with or further hone your acting skills, but also get to pick up other skills. These may include but are not limited to art and crafts, makeup (stage makeup), stage lighting, …etc. You may even see yourself as an all-rounder at the end of everything.

Adjusting the sound & lighting in the PAC control room.

You will be guided by our highly-experienced mentor, Mr David Wong (黄老师), throughout the process, so you don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes—he is always there to help.

Our members in action.

Other than learning, our sessions are also a great stress reliever for you! Here at CLDCS, you can express yourself freely through drama, little games, and interesting activities. During our sessions, you do not have to worry about academic studies, homework, or your troubles. You are bound to have such a wonderful time that you can let go of your worries temporarily!


Session Timings:

Normal: Every Tuesday 3.30-5.30pm

E-CCA: Every Tuesday 4.30-6.30pm

When you hear a song for the first time, what is the one thing that captivates you the most? Is it the euphonious melody that you somehow can’t get off your mind? Or the thought-provoking lyrics that strike a chord with you? Well, in CLDCS, you will definitely come to conquer and master writing both melodies and lyrics!

Although many may think that songwriting is a difficult feat which requires one to have a flair for music, this is in fact not the case as most of us do not have musical backgrounds at all! Yet, we are able to thrive in this fun-filled and warm environment under the professional guidance of Mr Keith, our local home-grown songwriter who has extensive experience working with various key figures in the music industry such as JJ Lin.

While the sessions mainly focus on writing mellifluous melodies that capture the hearts of many, we can definitely still learn a thing or two from our talented batchmates who are experts at lyric-writing! With the interactive nature of our sessions, it is no wonder that they are always filled with laughter and infinite opportunities to not only learn about music but also to experiment with and create different tunes. Members also have opportunities to perform their songs live, or even record them in a studio. Who knows, by being a part of our CCA, you might be THE next star in the music industry! 

Our members recording their songs at Mr Keith’s studio.

Annual Production——翠谷回响(Cuì Gǔ Huí Xiǎng)

Prior to COVID-19, members from Songwriting and Drama came together to put on an annual performance in the Performing Arts Centre. This performance features plays written and performed by Drama members, as well as songs written and sung live by Songwriting members.

Scenes from 翠谷回响 2019.

In light of the current COVID situation, we have switched to putting up online editions of 翠谷回响, the first of which is slated to be held next year, which means you could be a part of it!


If you like what you have read, we welcome you to join our CCA, regardless of whether or not you have prior experience! If you are unsure which sections you are interested in, do come and visit us during our CCA trials next year, where you will get a glimpse of how our CCA sessions are like. More details will be available nearer to the date.

We hope to see you there!

Do check us out at Instagram @ri_cldcs and our official introduction page!

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