CCA Previews ’21: Basketball

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If you decided to join basketball because of this,

or this…

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or even this…

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You have come to the right place! 

In Raffles, this is OUR BASKETBALL🦅

Formidable animals come together after training for a photo. (photo taken pre-COVID)

Welcome to the CCA that is not just a team, but a FAMILY! 💐A place for everyone, Raffles Basketball is a tight-knit community that prides itself on the strong sisterhood and brotherhood between its valued individuals. A home that accepts all, you can always find value and support from this CCA.

Camaraderie and family

Despite the time lost during Circuit Breaker 👾🦠, our basketball team has become an integrated community. Training together promotes trust and communication on and off-court, both of which are vital to our performance. Stemming from intimate bonds, our team chemistry enables us to understand and trust each other to perform our best individually and hence, as a team. That’s why we love hanging out with each other and making time to go out! 🐬💃🏼


Motivation and Competition

In Raffles Basketball, there will always be opportunities for growth for everyone. Being a part of this team is staying committed to doing your best 🤜👍🏻. Collective improvement supersedes individual developments in this team sport. By creating a conducive environment of mutual respect, we ensure each member always feels encouraged and inspired to grow. 💪🏽🤝

As teammates, we not only serve to motivate each other but also challenge each other. ✊Fostering a culture of motivation keeps team morale high, thus encouraging team members to persevere through losses and training. Friendly competition also prevents complacency, steering the team toward improvement. This safe space for competition only further strengthens our bond as a team, and that’s one of the best things about Raffles Basketball.  🔥

Post-match. (photo taken pre-COVID)

Our motto: “WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER” has spurred the team to numerous achievements in the past few years. These include 2019 A’ division Girls’ Champions, 2018 A’ division Girls’ 1st runner up, 2017 A’ division Girls’ Champions, 2016 A’ division Girls’ Champions, 2015 and 2016 A’ division Boys Champions. 

One does need not experience to join this unique family, just the passion and determination to learn. ⛹🏽‍♀️🏀✨


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