CCA Previews ’21: 01 Scouts

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By Ong Wei Yang, Shaun (21S03M), CCAL and Kwey Xiu Xi (21S06C)

“Who do you want to be? 01 Warrior!”

Nice to meet you! We are the Year 5s from 01 Raffles Scout Group. We were members of 01 from Year 1-4 and now take on the role of leading the troop for activities. As a troop, we play games and pass down scouting skills to our juniors. Such scouting skills include using maps and compasses, outdoor cooking, fire lighting, first aid and knotting. 

Through scouting, we aim to nurture every scout to develop not only physically but also in mental fortitude, while also providing leadership opportunities for them to experience and mature from. To these ends, we strive to keep activities fun, prioritise outdoor elements and have a wide variety of activities that foster teamwork and bonding. Still, we aim to inculcate discipline and fitness in our scouts through multiple intensive camps a year.

Scouting is by no means a simple task. Through one’s journey in scouting, one has to overcome significant hardship and overcome numerous challenges along the way, acting as our own catalysts in refining every diamond of potential within every member. 

Our scouts hard at work! (photo taken pre-COVID)

Just as the Scout Law upholds the value of “help[ing] other people”, 01 Scouts is also committed in giving back to the community. Through various different channels, we have given our scouts opportunities to participate in community service so that they can recognise the needs of our society and the importance of playing their part in helping others. A notable example is when we sent our scouts to Bintan in 2017 to help out rural communities in some light construction work.

Another feature we have as a scout group is our involvement in events. We participate in HQ and area events including camps, Gang Shows and campfires with other schools. Jobweek is also an unforgettable experience for many scouts. Events we organise include our annual Gang Show, our mobile camp that involves camping in areas around Singapore, and an overnight hike.

Recent accolades earned by our members include a silver award in the National Patrol Camp in 2018, Frank Cooper Sands Gold for our Scout and Venture units in 2019, and 7 Chief Commisioners’ Award winners in 2020.

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