CCA Previews ’21: Modern Dance

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By Kashvi Raj (21S03A), Chairperson, Kaelyn See (21S03N), Vice Chairperson, Kathlyn Lee (21S07C), Secretary/Treasurer and Charlene Tai (21S03J), Wardrobe Mistress

Raffles Modern Dance is a tight-knit family of dancers who explore, appreciate and deepen our understanding of contemporary dance together. Under the tutelage of our instructor, Mr Goh Shou Yi, dancers grow into confident, aware individuals who are both team players and able performers. 

The 2020/21 Batch! (photo taken pre-COVID)

Through various strength-building exercises in our warm-up, we strengthen our technical foundations to execute our movements with ease. Set exercises, choreography for upcoming performances and free improvisation sessions allow us to hone our skills, reconnect with our bodies and communicate our feelings. We aim to become dancers who think and are aware of our body and movements in whatever we do. 

Our CCA sessions are held twice a week, on Mondays (4pm–6pm) and Wednesdays (2.30pm–5.30pm). Nearing performances, practice durations will be lengthened and their frequency increased to three times a week, with an additional practice day on Friday. 

In 2021, we will be taking part in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) and performing during RI’s Open House and Teachers’ Day celebrations. Open House and Teachers’ Day performances are often self-choreographed, giving all dancers the opportunity to develop their choreographic vision.

Here is the information on our auditions! Everyone is welcome to sign up, including male students, and no prior dance background is necessary. Auditions consist of learning a couple of short routines and an improvisation section. After which, dancers will be selected based on their ability to pick up choreography quickly, and their overall performance and bodily awareness. (For the concerned, flexibility is definitely not a must, as contemporary dance emphasises fluidity of motion, more so than the height of a raised leg!)

We’re looking for anyone who’s interested in and passionate about contemporary dance, regardless of whether or not you have prior experience in this genre! As long as you step in with an open mind and are willing to give it your all, we’ll warmly welcome you in.

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