CCA Previews ’21: Netball

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By Tan Shannon (21S03M), Amelia Ee (21S06B) and Sarah Khoo (21S06R)

Raffles Netball—a rowdy, rambunctious family that plays hard and works hard!

We train three times a week during season, and twice a week off-season. Court training sessions with our Coach Mr Goh Seck Tuck (aka Jiaolian) usually involve ball and skill work, as well as working on our play as a team. Our weekly Strength and Conditioning sessions with Coach Nithiya (aka Coachie) usually involve a trip to the school gym, along with speed and agility sessions, which help us to condition our bodies so that we can perform on court to the best of our abilities. Having training three times a week may seem like a lot to some, but fret not, because you will be sure to leave each training sweaty and with a smile on your face, looking forward to the next one!

Spotted a beautiful sunset mid-training and we couldn’t resist taking a photo together. (photo taken pre-COVID)
Post Gym session photo. (photo taken pre-COVID)

We are currently training towards next year’s National School Games (NSG) that usually takes place in May*. In preparation for the annual NSG, our team plays against diverse teams during friendly matches and netball carnivals. We are also very blessed to be given the opportunity to go on a biennial overseas trip* to Sydney to gain experience from playing against international players (and remarkably one of the best!). While we have not had the privilege to go on a trip yet, our seniors have always returned with funny stories and wonderful memories with their teammates, not to mention valuable lessons and skills learnt too.

* Subject to conditions. 

After a friendly match with River Valley High School, 2019. (photo taken pre-COVID)

In a CCA that constantly strives to improve and to be at our best, there is inevitably some pressure. However, Raffles Netball is a team that does our best to help each other achieve and push each other to break through and improve. Even when training sessions get tough, you can rest assured that you will have a bunch of teammates cheering you on, every step of the way.

Saturday morning run with the team. (photo taken pre-COVID)

For all of us, Raffles Netball is more than a CCA; It is a second home. It is a place where all of us find joy and comfort in each other’s company. Being part of Raffles Netball is undoubtedly a highlight of our JC life and the strong bonds we’ve forged don’t just end after our 2 years in RI. 

Celebrating Jiaolian’s birthday! (photo taken pre-COVID)

We share our coach’s belief that there is no player that can’t be trained—everyone has the potential to improve and excel in this sport. Regardless of whether you have a background in Netball, we invite you to join our CCA. As long as you are a team player and have the commitment and will to improve, you will thrive in our CCA!

Team selfie. (photo taken pre-COVID)

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