CCA Previews ’21: Raffles Society of Biological Sciences

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By Raffles Society of Biological Sciences 

Imagine walking through a boulevard, down a path lined with exotic plants, with the likes of selaginella spikemosses, Indian snakeweeds and seven golden candlesticks plants lining the footpaths. The faint scent emanating from the butterfly pea flowers wafts up to your nares, and you stop to admire the grass yellow and tiger butterflies flitting about the flora. This picturesque scene sounds like something out of a Disney movie, but being able to appreciate this sight yourself isn’t as far-fetched of an idea as you think. Look no further than our very own Mendelian walkway, the sheltered walkway between the Marymount gate and the eco-pond.

It might surprise you that even Raffles can be home to such intriguing biodiversity. In truth, if you look for it, you can find and appreciate nature everywhere, and let the beauty and energy of our planet’s life breathe some life into you too. 

If appreciating and learning about nature is something that piques your interest, then maybe you should consider becoming a member of the Raffles Society of Biological Sciences (BioSoc)! At BioSoc, you will be given the opportunity to explore the different facets of biology that appeal to you, be it zoology, botany or anatomy. Based on the topics members choose for sessions, BioSoc goes beyond the curriculum and takes a dive into the really brain-picking stuff.

BioSoc runs sessions once a week, from 4:30 to 6:30 on Thursdays, so it won’t clog up your busy timetable. Unfortunately, as of October 2020, CCA sessions have only been held online from 5:45 to 6:30 due to the pandemic. Hopefully, CCA will be back to normal by the time CCA trials begin.

Your journey into BioSoc (illustrations may or may not differ from actual product).

Your journey in BioSoc will kick-off with a CCA camp to warmly welcome you into the society. From getting to know your fellow members to exploring your passion in Biology, this camp is surely an event that will yield great rewards! Fret not, for we have heard your stifled groans and steered clear of H2-lecture styles (No shade intended; we love the Biology Department, please don’t kill us) and have planned various fun games and exhilarating activities.

After the camp, we assure you that your journey in BioSoc will be akin to the O2 dissociation curve. Being a student-led CCA that strives to be cognisant of our members’ needs and wants, our weekly sessions will involve discussing topics of interest chosen by the members that are then shared in an engaging way. Furthermore, we conduct “gameshows” and numerous practical sessions to inject some joy into our sessions and lives.

Thus far, if we have given the impression that BioSoc is boring, join us to discover how fun and engaging our learning journeys can be! Educational establishments like Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum? Check! Nature reserves like Chek Jawa? Chek!  

Field trip from a pre-COVID batch (2016).

If you have a competitive streak, well, you will fit right in! BioSoc members also participate in the annual International Biomedical Quiz. Alumni pursuing medicine conduct intensive training sessions in preparation. 

For those wondering how they can ever atone for the sin of dissecting animals, we’ve got your back. BioSoc partners with other CCAs and initiates various community outreach projects depending on members’ interests.

As for how our activities have been like in the face of COVID-19 — let’s face it. No one asked for this and no one expected it. Yet, BioSoc has to do what it does best. Rain or shine (pandemic or not), BioSoc strives to conduct interesting sessions for its members, even if said sessions are conducted online. Be it battling on the canvases of, smashing buzzers during jeopardy or swiftly pressing buttons during Kahoot!, we foster and strengthen our virtual relationships through fun and learning.

Finally, we welcome everyone with open arms, regardless of your subject combination. BioSoc is an interest-based CCA, so there are no entry requirements, meaning that all you need is a passion for biology and an open mind! If our varied programmes and tailored content have piqued your interest or our chill environment for nature lovers to relax and share their passions appeals to you, BioSoc might just be the perfect place for you. We look forward to welcoming you into our BioSoc!

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