CCA Previews ’21: Recreational Badminton

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By: Eugene Chua (21S06N), Captain, Vishal Vijay (21S03L), Vice-Captain, and Cheryl Ang (21S06F), Secretary 

With 49 students in the Year 5 batch alone, Recreational Badminton is easily one of the largest sports CCAs in Raffles Institution. With the high popularity of badminton as a sport within the school, Recreational Badminton is one of the best avenues for playing the sport with others leisurely without the pressure of trying to train hard and win competitions. Within the CCA, our focus isn’t on doing well all the time, but rather on enjoying ourselves and meeting new people during CCA sessions!

As a recreational CCA, there really aren’t any large limitations as to who can join, with anyone who wants to join being welcome to join the CCA (Provided there are still vacancies, of course — the slots run out fast) due to the lack of any requirements (Other than the minimum 80% attendance). Whether you’re an absolute god at badminton or a “noob” who’s never heard of a shuttlecock, as long as you want to play badminton and you can make it for the scheduled CCA sessions, we’ll welcome you with open arms! Our CCA serves as a place where you can play badminton without being judged by others for minor things such as whether you can smash the shuttlecock hard enough or whether you can even serve properly. Our CCA is also a great community of like-minded people who have an interest in badminton, so you can be well-assured that you will meet many new people and foster meaningful friendships that enrich your JC life.

With only one CCA session held weekly on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 4:30pm at the Multi-Purpose Hall, having to commit yourself to the CCA isn’t something exceptionally difficult. Instead, the CCA session can serve as a break from the non-stop mugging in preparation of the next big test, allowing you to recharge through the fun, high energy sport of badminton! Furthermore, with Recreational Badminton being a recreational CCA, there are no direct regulations as to how you are expected to play. You can choose to play singles, doubles or even more, and you can do all sorts of unique things at your own discretion! 

The self-directed nature of our CCA is exactly what allows everyone in our CCA to have fun freely. You can decide what you want to do during these sessions. Those who seek to just have fun playing with your friends can do just that while the more competitive ones can participate in some of the tournaments organised by the ExCo to battle it out and show off your skills. 

Sounds fun? Then come and join Recreational Badminton! As long as you have a willing heart, a desire to make new friends, and, of course, a badminton racquet, you’ll fit right in!

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