CCA Previews ’20: Alchemy Club

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By Charles Windle (20S03E), Chairperson and Chang Ting Tzu (20S06A), Vice-Chairperson

Hi, Charles and Ting Tzu here from Flex-Alchemy Club! The super-fun chemistry CCA! That can instantly patch, bond, seal and repair your interest in chemistry! Alchemy Club is no ordinary club; its triple engaging sessions virtually weld themselves to your brain, instantly making you interested! Boring chemistry can cause major damage, but Alchemy Club grips on tight and bonds instantly! Plus, Alchemy’s powerful adhesive is so strong, it even works if you don’t like H2 Chem! Now you can repair leaks in your chemistry knowledge without draining yourself! Alchemy Club is perfect for everyone interested in Chemistry, and once it’s on, it holds on tight! 

alchemy 1
Alchemy Club grips on tight and bonds instantly!

If you’re interested in chemistry and want to learn more, then Alchemy Club is the perfect CCA for you. Got a tight schedule? Don’t worry, our sessions are only once a week, on Mondays from 4.30-6.30pm. Chemistry is not just for nerds; we want to make chemistry fun and accessible to everyone!

Alchemy Club sessions are packed with fun-filled activities, including: 

  • Lectures that are actually interesting! We conduct interactive and engaging lecture sessions to share more about the many strange quirks of chemistry! Topics we’ve covered include f-block elements (the two rows at the bottom of the periodic table that no one talks about).
  • Fun practicals, like ice cream making and titration! We have made award-winning ice cream that was so good, our teacher “encouraged” us to start an ice cream business! Other practicals we’ve conducted include growing crystal gardens and milk plastics.
  • Guest speakers coming to Alchemy Club to share on interesting topics such as Science Communication!
  • Field trips to real chemical industries or the NUS Department of Chemistry!
  • Fun workshops outside school! Every year in June, our members participate in a workshop in NUS! This year, we had an esterification workshop where we got the opportunity to synthesize our own nice-smelling esters.
  • Chemistry-themed escape rooms! Club members are grouped into teams and use their wit and Chemical Intuition to escape! 
  • Fun and exciting CCA camp! Activities include chemistry-themed war games, jeopardy quizzes, and lots of interesting experiments!
  • Kahoot quizzes! Test your newly gained knowledge against other Alchemy members after every session!
  • Collaboration with other CCAs! Recently, we collaborated with BioSoc to organize our annual Team Raffles Games, and it was an absolute blast. More to come in the future!

Want to learn more about chemistry beyond the H2 Chem syllabus? We seek to unveil the truth behind unpersuasive lecture notes explanations and reveal the workings of the universe that lecturers pass off as mere “exceptions”!

alchemy 2
We go beyond the H2 syllabus to show you the most interesting parts of chemistry!

Are you absolutely dying to share something about Chemistry? Now you can! We welcome you to share your passion and knowledge in chemistry with all our members. Even if you’re not part of the exco, you’re still a big part of the CCA!

alchemy 3
Our CCA is super fun! Once you join, you’ll be sure to get hooked!

Alchemy Club aims to push the frontiers of Chemistry knowledge in school, providing you with a relaxed and pressure-free environment where you can learn more about the world around us! The alchemists of old—who tried to turn lead into gold—may not have succeeded in their enterprise, but we hope that your two years in Alchemy Club will be pure gold. 

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