CCA Previews ’20: Art Club

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By Zhang Yihan (20S03B), Chairperson, Saniyah Haider (20S06M), Vice-Chairperson, and Sun Zhongchun (20S06T), Welfare Head
Photos by Leong Sheu Wen (19S06S), Vice-Chairperson ’19

Do you have a passion for art but fear that the hectic JC life will leave you with no time for it? Does the love for art flow through your veins without someone to share it with? Well, fret not! We have a solution! Every Wednesday from 2.30pm to 5.30pm—that’s right, three whole hours every week!—Art Club holds its sessions for like-minded individuals to come together in the name of art.

Here in Art Club, we believe that every medium of art is important. This is why we have sessions dedicated to learning and experimenting with different art mediums and techniques. Examples of what we have dabbled in include ink painting, watercolour, digital art and character design, cyanotype, figure sketching, logo design and even simply doodling. Knowledgeable instructors are often brought in to provide us with the best guidance possible. Furthermore, we have critique sessions, or simply sessions for people to share their thoughts and ideas. We strive for improvement in all our members through promoting a safe and comfortable environment within the CCA where “mistakes” are not frowned upon, but celebrated instead. As Bob Ross once said,”We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

art 1.png
Members participating in a prompt-based doodle session.
art 2.png
Waiting for our cyanotypes prints!
art 3
Our ink artworks.

Members of the CCA can also look forward to excursions such as our recent trip to the National Gallery, where we got to view the art of professionals in the industry firsthand and gain valuable experience of various art forms and styles.

art 4
An exciting trip to the National Art Gallery!
art 5
Sketching session at Jewel Changi Airport.

But Art Club does not stop there. Alongside artistic self-improvement, we also value service. As such, we contribute greatly to the school. Be it designing logos for school events, doing up banners, or illustrating for the canteen and Hodge Lodge blackboards, we always ensure that the work we produce is of utmost quality. Additionally, we have collaborated with other CCAs such as Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network (REN). We even have plans to paint a mural for the school in the near future.

art 6
Promethean Week Banner made in collaboration with a student from H2 Art.

Some members have also taken part in VIA projects sourced externally to teach children art, and the club is also currently planning for a weekly VIA project in collaboration with an external organisation. 

art 7
Art Club members with children after a fun pebble painting session.

So, if you love art and are looking for a positive environment where you can share your passion with others, try out different mediums, and be mentored by professionals, then Art Club is the place for you!

If you are interested, do check out our official Instagram account, @rafflesartists, or come visit our booth during Open House! Booths at Open House would introduce you to the variety of CCAs in Raffles Institution and you can also learn about more details regarding our CCA trial. While you need not be very experienced in art, a portfolio is recommended for trials. Hope to see you there! 

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