A Day in the Life of the Raffles Cat

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By Isabelle Tan (19S03S), Vanessa Lur (19S06Q), and Yoon Shwe Yee (19S03B)

Many Rafflesians would know of the sleek-looking cat with a glossy coat of grey and black fur lurking around the Y5–6 campus. He responds to the name Teddy and is most frequently spotted at the Crib, staring down the humans that pass him. Recently, Raffles Press stumbled upon a journal in the Crib, with the name Teddy scratched onto its hard cover, seemingly belonging to our feline friend. With the help of this mysterious diary, Raffles Press follows our feline friend around for a day to find out what an average day looks like through Teddy’s eyes.

Hello readers! I am Teddy, the beloved school cat of Raffles Institution and hopefully familiar to most Rafflesians. You can recognise me from my grey and black striped fur coat and I am cute, cuddly and love belly rubs! Many humans see me and think I sleep all day long; while I do enjoy my beauty rest, I’m much busier than you’d think! So what does the great Teddy do all day? Follow me throughout my day to find out:


Three humans have just entered my lair. They don’t seem to have any food on hand, so I lose all interest in them right away and go on the defensive. I growl at them to show them that it’s my territory. Honestly, if they don’t bring offerings, why bother coming to visit me? I wonder what they’re doing sitting so close to me. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. My eyes are struggling to stay open. It’s time for my very first nap… Defending my territory has sapped my energy, and I need to rest for all the trespassers I’m sure I’ll see later. Though they seem slightly suspicious sitting there staring at me, they can be dealt with when I awake…

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Argh, here I am trying to take a nap and those humans playing foosball are so noisy! Whatever, I guess that’s nothing new. I am certainly used to the ruckus (why are you humans always so loud?). Not saying I like the noise though! Seriously, you’ve got to give a cat some peace and quiet once in a while!


A guy and a girl have just entered my crib. They head straight in my direction. The guy is approaching me hesitantly and looks nervous to touch me. His hand is hovering awkwardly above me. The girl tries to reassure him and tells him that I am friendly and that I don’t bite. Of course I don’t bite! This is highly insulting! Why are some humans so scared of me? Just give me a belly rub or scratch my head and everything will be fine!


I hear a loud sound from the lockers. Who’s there? What’s happening? Stay away! Oh, it’s just someone opening their locker. How boring.

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The three humans keep staring at me… How strange! They are shoving black coloured devices in my face and seem to be observing my every move. I shall turn away from them to continue sleeping in peace.


Yes! The foosball players have finished their game. Finally some peace and quiet for me! Wait, they’re walking over. They are probably going to apologise for the loud noises. Oh, they are scratching the back of my neck. That feels so good! Apology accepted, guys! Oh no, where are you guys going? Give me a belly rub!


Another human has approached me! He’s stroking me as he uses his black coloured device. Am I not worth your fullest attention? Come on! Look at me! Am I not the cutest cat ever?


It’s time for a bath! I take many baths throughout the day to keep myself clean. I can’t stand being filthy and even a speck of dirt has to be licked off straight away.


Ahh, that was a good rest! It’s time to wake up and stretch. Let’s take a walk to stretch my limbs.


The walk has gotten my paws all dirty and gross. Time for another bath!


I am bored again. Looks like it’s time to explore. I jump up to the table where the three humans are sitting at. Its hilarious how that shocked them. You should see how startled they were when I jumped up! Why are they still here? Stop staring at me! I get that I’m cute but this is getting creepy!

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 9.40.17 PM.png


Oh no, a human is heading for my favourite table! I must protect my territory! I leap after him and get ready to fight. Oops, he is just switching on the light. I sit back down on the floor and pretend nothing has happened. Nobody saw that and no one shall speak of this again.

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I am bored once again. Let me head over to my favourite tree and sharpen my claws. I scratch the tree trunk daily to sharpen my nails and keep them in shape. Oh no, I have scratched the bottom of the trunk so many times that it’s sanded down and useless. Guess I have to jump up the tree trunk for a better spot.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 9.42.33 PM.png


I spot a mysterious plant on my walk! I sniff and paw at it to investigate its origin. Hmm, should I take a taste? Ooh, it tastes good! They’re a little hard to pull out though.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 9.42.55 PM.png


I walk over to the Council store room. Hello? Anyone there? Can somebody let me in please? I cautiously poke my nose around the door, wondering if I can go in. Darn it! It is closed and I can’t find an opening. You guys should really install a cat door for me. I wonder what sort of yummy food you are hiding inside from me.


Oh what’s that over there? Some styrofoam boxes filled with ice pops! I must investigate further. I accidentally brush against the box and it creates the most horrible sound! It practically makes me jump three feet into the air. How embarrassing! I certainly hope no one saw that. I walk away from the boxes warily. I catch my breath as I lean against the wall and take a rest to recover.


I sit near the council room, resting my paws. I guess that’s enough investigative work today. Oh look it’s Mr Pigeon over there! Should I go over to say hi? No wait, don’t go, Mr Pigeon! Its upsetting, really. Mr Pigeon and his friends never seem to want to be near me. I just want to make some friends. Just because I don’t have wings doesn’t mean you can ignore me…


Ah, that was enough action for the day. I guess it’s time to head back and sleep again!

Dear humans, I guess this is where my narrative ends. I am too tired to write any further and it’s time for another nap. Sleeping is such fun, isn’t it? It’s my favourite pastime! I hope that this diary entry was interesting enough for you! Remember to give me a belly rub (and preferably some cat treats) the next time you see me! Till next time!

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