Spirit Week 2019 Preview: Get Ready to be Spirited Away!

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By Vanessa Lur (19S06Q) and Isabelle Tan (19S03S)
Photos courtesy of Jynelle Ong (19S03B) and Jiang Jin Liang (19S06N)

Who can forget last year’s Spirit Week, which saw many Rafflesians donning Raffles themed tattoos and enjoying a whole week of dress down days? This coming Monday, Council is bringing us Spirit Week 2019, with a whole bunch of fun, never-before-seen activities planned out just for you. Now, we know you will have many questions whirling in your heads about this upcoming event. Before we get into that, let’s address the most important question — what exactly is Spirit Week?

Spirit Week (for the benefit of the Y5s and some ‘blurrer’ Y6s) is a week chock full of activities that encourage the celebration of our many communities in Raffles, from our classes to our houses, and even the whole school. Spirit Week occurs annually in Term 2, usually during the week after the J2s’ CT1s (almost like a rainbow after the storm!) This year’s Spirit Week will commence on the 8th of April and end with a bang with Team Raffles Night on the 12th of April.

Team Raffles Night during Spirit Week 2018

To find out more about the upcoming week, we interviewed Spirit Week ICs, Megan Aw (19S03B) and Dai Xiang Rong (19S06O):

What is different about this year’s Spirit Week as compared to previous years’?

A: This year, the party’s going to be a little different. Shall we say… TOP SECRET? It’ll be held on Friday night, 5.30 – 8.00pm, at the Innovation Centre. Throughout the week, [you can] participate in the special bonding activities we have in store [for you], and you might or might not be getting small… tokens from us, but you won’t understand what they’re worth unless you (and all your friends) are there at Team Raffles Night!

What should we most look forward to for this year’s Spirit Week?

A: Throughout Spirit Week, there will be a huge hunt for a little mouse called ‘Rikki’ (and his 10 friends). He’s hiding somewhere in school, and he looks like a little sticker. Hints will be released twice a day, once during morning assembly and once more on our Instagram page @teamraffles. To win, be the first to DM @teamraffles with a picture of yourself and at least 9 other people from your class posing for a picture with Rikki!

If you don’t have the time to chase down Rikki and would rather focus on one of our smaller prizes, there will be a daily hint to finding Rikki’s 10 friends on our Instagram story! For these little mice, just DM a picture of yourself and the mouse in question to the same Instagram page :)

Why should Rafflesians participate in this year’s Spirit Week?

A: Because it’ll be exciting! And! Tons! Of! Fun! We know that for both batches, getting into the grind again with CCAs, MEPs, seasons and competitions can be really exhausting, both for the Y6s whose workload have steadily become heavier, and for the Y5s who are trying to assimilate into their new environment. Spirit Week this year intends to give everyone a chance to get together with their different communities and HAVE A BLAST. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO :)

Use Spirit Week to take some time off, because even throughout what may be the busiest season of the year, no matter how different our talents, we’re all one Raffles, and we’re in this together!

How can Rafflesians participate in this year’s Spirit Week?

A: Let’s make it easy, here’s a bucket list.

Before Spirit Week ends:

  1. Follow @teamraffles
  2. Join the Rikki school-wide mouse-hunt (and the search for 10 of his buddies)
  3. Complete class bingo on Monday
  4. Find your old dance partner and join the dance mob on Tuesday
  5. Wear your house shirt and play the games on Wednesday
  6. Karaoke with your CCA on Thursday
  7. Collect tokens of at least 3 different levels (How? Follow @teamraffles to find out!)
  8. Go for Team Raffles Night! (THE biggest party of the season!)

Any last words you would like to share with Rafflesians about spirit week?

*Sniff* Rikki smells something good… is that pizza? And off he scampers

Oh! He’s left a note behind!

P.S. If you catch me, I’ll share it with your entire class XOXO Rikki

So, if you are interested in winning the prizes that Council and Rikki have in store for you, remember to follow @teamraffles on Instagram for more information. Raffles Press wishes all Rafflesians a fun and memorable Spirit Week!

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