CCA Previews ’19: Raffles One Earth

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By Joycelin Foong (19S06Q), Chairperson

Thinking about environmental issues may seem at best too broad a topic and at worst overrated to some who may not see the urgency of the issue at hand. As members of Raffles One Earth, we are here to promote a green environment and to raise awareness about protecting the environment for both the present and the future. This is why we’ve embarked on this together with a common purpose to bind us all.

Being part of Raffles One Earth means to be part of a group of like-minded members raising awareness about issues regarding the environment that we are passionate about. Our weekly CCA sessions typically involve discussions and planning for a wide range of activities which we subsequently execute. These include CCA-organised and student-initiated projects.

Our Y5-6 members in 2018

As part of this CCA, we take ownership of our projects and enlighten our target audience about how they can be actively involved in caring for the environment. With the guidance of our teacher in-charge, Ms May Wong, we plan and carry out projects both within and outside our school.

We organised various outreach initiatives in 2018. For example, we organised an E-Waste Drive and promoted the use of the recycling bins in school. Another initiative was a Recycling and Food Waste Workshop in which members of our CCA visited primary schools to educate students about the importance of the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and how they can do their part to reduce food wastage.

A sample slide of our presentation to the primary schools

We sought to encourage a change in mindsets and habits, which can significantly reduce food wastage. We also organised and facilitated various games and activities for the primary school students. This workshop was generally well received by the students who gained deeper knowledge about the issue.

In 2018, Raffles One Earth was also involved in Ecoweek, which aims to promote environmental issues, such as excessive plastic usage and unnecessary paper wastage, among our school population. This event saw many of our schoolmates taking proactive steps to learn more about the severity of various environmental issues. Ecoweek 2018 saw school-wide participation in a clothes collection drive. Throughout the week, the school was also exposed to a range of environmental issues faced both locally and abroad. This was done through activities ranging from videos to quizzes and handicraft sessions.

Display at the canteen walkway during Ecoweek 2018

2018 also saw Raffles One Earth being involved in the Team Raffles Games (TRG) in the form of an Escape Room which our CCA had designed. Participants solved environment-related puzzles and responded to questions in order to find a way out of the rooms. The participants’ knowledge about the environment was put to the test through numerous mind-boggling quizzes within a time limit. Games aside, the Escape Room served to educate and raise awareness among participants about environment-related issues.

Members of Raffles One Earth along with the participants of our Escape Room

Our CCA members come together with a common goal and constantly generate ideas and plan activities to raise awareness and make a difference to the people around us so that together, we can save our environment. Our CCA strongly believes in capitalising on the strengths of the members and all contributions are valued. 2019 looks set to be a year with more environment-related initiatives and activities organised by One Earth.

It is everyone’s duty to live responsibly and tackle the environmental issues facing us. Raffles One Earth would like to warmly welcome all interested Year 5s to sign up for our trials come 2019. We believe that Raffles One Earth will be more than just a CCA for all members. Rather, it will be a platform for innovative individuals to come together and a springboard for you to bring your ideas, passions and beliefs to life.

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