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Ever wondered what it would be like being a part of Raffles’ very own Malay Literacy and Drama Cultural Society (MLDCS)? Here, we believe that the heart of every CCA lies in its members and that’s exactly what MLDCS aims to be, a club for the wider Raffles community regardless of race and ethnicity.

As an event-based CCA in Raffles, we do not hold weekly meeting sessions like other CCAs. Instead, we have key events throughout the year that are sure to spark your curiosity and passion for not only Malay culture, but even current affairs relating to our community today.

One’s MLDCS journey begins with the orientation camp which marks their initiation into the CCA. This is a golden opportunity for both seniors and new members to bond with one another, forging relationships that we hope will last longer than just during their JC life. Members can expect fun and engaging activities during this overnight camp which aims to include and integrate every single one of you into our larger Malay community here in Raffles. By fostering ties between seniors and juniors and also within your own respective batches, we hope to shape a support system whereby we can always count on one another, preserving the Kampong Spirit in our small community here.

MLDCS Orientation Camp 2018!

Next up, we have the Malay Youth Seminar, an annual event organised by our school, in which a panel will be formed to discuss current social issues in a forum based setting. Such topics raised could range from challenges we face in an ever changing VUCA world or even the increasing prevalence of fake news in our community as it was last year. The distinguished speakers we invite give us a more refreshed and professional perspective on these issues.

During Ramadan, which would roughly start around early May, we would have an iftar session where we invite all members to gather together and break our fast together as one big MLDCS family. This has been an annual tradition that we still continue today even at Y1-4 campus. As for the main course, let’s leave that up to your imagination and of course, your future exco. Hmm… could it be nasi briyani? Or even nasi ambeng? Only one way to find out, so see you there!

With the end of fasting month, comes Hari Raya and as part of this year’s raya celebrations, we organised unofficial visits to each others’ homes or jalan raya. Even though it was challenging commuting as a big group, we had fun going out together especially since it was the end of Common Tests after all.


Lastly, we wrapped up the year with a dikir barat workshop (or a sort-of crash course if you may) for the juniors as the Y6s were having their A-levels at that time. The instructors taught us the basics of dikir barat such as the different types of instruments used and taught us a few songs. Who knows, maybe we’ll even put up a performance one day.

To the Y5s joining us this year, we hope you forge friendships that last a lifetime and gain valuable takeaways not just from the mere activities that we organise but from the interactions between each other. I’ll try to not be cheesy but why not end with a pantun.

Bread is roti
Chill sells waffles
Before you pergi
follow @budakraffles

Ah, short and sweet.

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