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By Asfar Alim (18S03J), Angus Yip (18A01A), Adri Faris (18A13A), Zhu Xiuhua (18S06A), Elizabeth Leong (18S06G), Soh Ying Qi (18A01C) and Jeslyn Tan (18S06R)

With the introduction of the Healthy Meals in Schools Programme (HMSP) in 2017, many students lamented the disappearance of their favourite snack foods from the shelves of Chill@RI, as new and often lesser-known (and ostensibly healthier) alternatives began to replace them. For those who have yet to give these new brands a shot, Raffles Press presents our latest round of food reviews: snacks from Chill@RI.

Combe Snack (Tomato Chili)

Combe Snack (Tomato Chili)_Asfar

Packaging: Simple and informative enough, eye-catching

Taste: Exactly what is on the label. The tomato flavour is kind of spicy and tastes a bit sweet. It’s also very crunchy.

Value for money: Quite okay, for 60 cents.

Who would like it: People who like spicy chips, and don’t mind it being crunchy

Overall: 4/5, will buy again


Fitto Popped Whole Grain Snack


Packaging: Not particularly appealing. I wouldn’t have purchased it if not for recommendations from others.

Taste: Surprisingly good, not too salty.

Value for money: 1 dollar is a bit too much, but I wouldn’t mind buying it sometimes.

Who would like it: Anyone who wants a quick snack in between lectures.

Overall: 4/5


Hae Hae Prawn Crackers (Original)

Hae Hae Prawn Crackers (Original)_Xiuhua

Packaging: Cute but lame; it looks like it was designed by a nine-year-old.

Taste: Like normal prawn crackers.

Value for money: Yes

Who would like it: People who like prawn crackers and can’t eat spicy food.

Overall: 4/5


Hae Hae Prawn Crackers (Mexican Chili)

Hae Hae Prawn Crackers (Mexcian Chili)_Adri

Packaging: Can be improved.

Taste: Surprisingly good.

Value for money: Yes, definitely worth 50 cents!

Who would like it: People who can stand a little bit of spice, and who don’t want to spend too much money.

Overall: 4/5


Snack Bite

Snack Bite_Elizabeth

Packaging: The designer may not have been very well paid, or paid at all.

Taste: Exactly like the traditional Mamee noodles, even with the whole “0g cholesterol” thing. It’s just as salty, so I’m skeptical about its healthiness honestly.

Value for money: At 30 cents, it’s one of the cheaper snacks at Chill.

Who will like it: Anyone who likes the real Mamee.

Overall: 5/5


Sun Drumstick Snack (Seaweed)

Sun Drumstick Snack_Ying Qi

Packaging: Graphic design is somebody’s passion, I guess.

Taste: Too much seaweed seasoning for my taste, but the overall flavour was pretty good.

Value for money: 18g for 60 cents – not a bad deal at all.

Who will like it: People who love seaweed and salt, and/or people who can’t eat the bacon sticks from the same brand

Overall: 3/5


Yeko Potato Strips (Original)

Yeko Potato Strips_Nicki
Photo: Nicki Chan (18S03C)

Packaging: It tells me enough information.

Taste: It’s good, but it’s too salty to be healthy.

Who would like it: People who like salty food. I would eat it again, if someone else buys it.

Overall: 3/5


Given the substantial amounts of salt, fat and oils found in many of the snacks on offer, reviewers were slightly confused as to why they were considered healthy, until we found out that the “Healthier Choice” label (which all packaged snacks sold in RI must have) is only applied to those that contain less than 100 calories. Given this stipulation, perhaps we should be grateful for the wide array of foods that are still available at our favourite (and only) convenience store – after all, you can’t make those “acad gains” on an empty stomach.

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