Ecoweek 2018: A Preview

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By Clarine See (18S03G)

As the new year rolls around, us students will doubtlessly be armed with a mental list of improvements that we are determined to actualise this year, ranging from salvaging our academic careers to improving our relationships with others. In the midst of this goal-setting for the new year, One Earth and Community Advocates are here to give us a nudge and implore: what can we do to treat Earth, our shared home, more kindly in the coming year?

Visualising our individual impact on the Earth may be difficult for some, and understandably so. It might seem preposterous to think that our individual self, a speck of dust relative to the global population, could leave a lasting mark on the Earth, much less believe that we can truly make a difference. With this in mind, One Earth and Community Advocates’ environment-focused advocacy group, GlassArk, have collaborated to present us with Ecoweek 2018.

Ecoweek 2018 will run from 22nd through 26th January, with a veritable feast of activities for students to partake in. Through Ecoweek, One Earth and GlassArk hope to communicate to students the very real impact that they have, and galvanise students into action by adopting more mindful and environmentally-conscious actions. In particular, Ecoweek is focusing on the theme of ‘wastage’, highlighting the present-day situation in paper, plastic, food and utilities wastage in Singapore.

An exhibition will be held at the canteen walkway, displaying posters providing information on the various forms of wastage, and providing tips to students on how they may reduce their wastage. After visiting the exhibition, students can express their commitment to reducing wastage by making a personal pledge at the pledge tree, and encouraging their schoolmates to do the same.

Apart from the educational aspect of Ecoweek, One Earth and GlassArk have also organised activities that will get students started on their zero-wastage journey. A clothes donation drive will run throughout Ecoweek, and students can give their unwanted clothes (in any condition) a new lease of life by bringing them down to the donation booth located at the canteen walkway. Arts and craft sessions will also be held at a booth at the canteen walkway, giving students the opportunity to take home their very own handmade plastic bottle pencil cases, and more. If art isn’t up your alley, fret not, for there will also be a Kahoot! quiz held at the canteen daily, giving students a mental workout on trivia regarding the environment, with attractive prizes to be won!

Through Ecoweek, One Earth and GlassArk hope to remind students of the role that they have in protecting and sustaining the Earth, our one and only home, and look forward to engaging us in the never-ending conversation of conserving our planet. As GlassArk member Nelson Ooi (18S06M) puts it, “our current way of life is not sustainable, that’s something a lot of us know. But taking the leap to do something about it is what really counts. We want you to join us and take that step.”


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