CCA Previews ’18: Netball

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By Raffles Netball

Raffles Netballers: we are the ones who have a unexplainable and irreplaceable love for the Meiji chocolate milk in Chill. The ones who you can hear screaming in the toilets during our ice baths after matches. Most importantly, the ones who greet each other along the corridors, in the canteen and even in the lecture theatres with bear hugs, as if the last time we had seen each other was 10 years ago when in reality, it was probably just the previous day. While many of our peers often question our affectionate greetings in public, it is through these small actions that we encourage each other and gain that small amount of energy needed to push through school after a tiring training the day before.

Consisting of just 15 members in total from J1 and J2, we are probably one of the smallest sports CCAs in RI. However, we view being small in numbers as a strength as we pride ourselves on being small but strong. This can be seen in our achievements and the bonds that we have formed with each other. Being in a small CCA enables us to form an environment that is like that of a second home, where we treat each other as family. This pushes us to work hard for the team. In 2017, we placed 1st in Nationals, 1st and 2nd place in the Daisy Tan Netball Carnival. Moreover, we have 6 National Under 19s representatives and 1 National Under 21s representatives in our team.

netball 1
A Division 2017 Champions!!!

Of course, these achievements do not come without hard work and obstacles. During season, we train 3 times a week with Strength and Conditioning on Wednesdays from 2.30pm–4.30pm and Court Trainings on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5.30pm–8.30pm. Our SnC trainings consist of exercises taught by our SnC coach, Coach Nithiya (aka Coachie), that vary from lifting in the gym, to sprints on the track, and agility, fitness and strengthening through circuit training in the cage. Our Court trainings are when our netball Coach, Ms Chng, comes down to work with us on our court play and where we do more ball drills to strengthen our court skills such as passing accuracy and footwork. This is also the time where we smoothen our court play and come together to play as a team.

Given the high intensity and demand of trainings especially during season, it is common of many of us to struggle surviving each set of exercise or through a 3-hour court training. This results in a lack of focus and continuous mistakes being made. However, this is the time that we find ourselves depending and motivating each other the most. Be it coming up with unique handshakes, high fives, a pat on the back or shouts of encouragement and assurance, we never fail to boost each other’s morales up and remind each other to not give up with the mindset of “The tougher it is now, the easier it is on court”. Our CCA is really one that pushes you beyond what you may think your limit is and encourages the growth of its players both in terms of skills and character.

netball 2
Before a match

Apart from trainings, we have numerous fun activities that we organise and participate in each year. This year, we organised the Gryphon Recall 2017 where we invited alumni to come back and play street netball. Another event was the Y6 farewell where we organised a themed farewell for our seniors. We also have many other activities such as team dinners and day camps.

netball 3
Farewell 2017!! (The theme was Superheroes… can you guess what the seniors dressed as??)

So what kind of person will thrive in our CCA? Here is a checklist of attributes that will ensure that you will be able to really grow both in terms of skills and character if you are looking to join Raffles Netball:

  • A person who is willing to put in 101% in everything they do
  • Having commitment to the team
  • Willing to take in advice and be vocal with your views
  • Knowing when to have fun and when to be serious
  • Knowing how to give/take constructive criticism
  • Accountability for each training session

Trust us, you will not regret your decision of joining the Raffles Netball family!!!!

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