Batch Night 2017: A Night to Remember

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By Clarine See (18S03G)
Photographs courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society

Walking into the Albert Hong Hall on the evening of 9th November, one would have felt not only the comfort of a shelter from the rain outside, but also the warm, welcoming atmosphere within. Batch Night, an event organised by Students’ Council, promised an evening of relaxation and celebration of a school year successfully conquered, and certainly delivered.

It was evident that the councillors were determined to make Batch Night a memorable night, having put in the time to transform the normally sombre school hall into one that befit a party. Balloons adorned the stage, and pop music was blasting over the speakers to awaken the party child within each worn-out student. Each class was given a designated space in the front half of the hall, and as the hall quickly filled up, the evening’s activities commenced in earnest.

The main event of the evening consisted of performances from various CCAs and groups, and a gameshow segment. First up was Raffles Jazz, who serenaded the audience with some laid-back music and enchanting vocals, lending an element of pizzazz to the atmosphere as students chomped down on their pizzas. Up next was Raffles Chorale, who delivered their songs flawlessly as an a cappella group, to the awe of the audience. Maryeemount Peak’s performance after was a sharp departure from the relatively relaxed tone of the previous groups, as they got the audience on their feet and jamming to catchy pop tunes. And yet, the most anticipated performance of the night was perhaps Raffles Street Dance, who delivered a rapid-fire sequence of dance numbers. With their admirably synchronised and powerful dance moves, they charmed, intimidated and seduced in equal measure.

Raffles Jazz setting the mood for the evening as they serenaded the audience.
Raffles Street Dance members busting out their moves as they wowed the audience with their charisma.

Aside from performances, the evening included a gameshow segment as well. Emcees Peck Hsiao Shan (18A13A) and Kyron Teo (18S03N), with their infectious enthusiasm, rallied the courageous among the audience to step up and volunteer their musical knowledge in a game of Don’t Forget the Lyrics. Most proved to not be as well-versed in pop culture as they previously thought, and proudly delivered garbled approximations of the lyrics, providing for many laughs.

Throughout the event, students also had the chance to have their pictures taken against two different backdrops, with Raffles Photographic Society members relentlessly clicking away at their cameras, and then printing photographs on the spot for students to keep as a memento. The reception was overwhelming, with the club’s members toiling away printing and cutting photographs throughout the event, and even then having to distribute the remaining photographs after the event. One has to admire their patience as they waited for students to decide on poses, called out for distracted souls to join the queue and sliced page after page of tiny rectangles without compromising on quality.

Overall, Batch Night was a timely and much-appreciated celebration of the end of the academic year, a welcome respite for students to simply lose themselves in the company of their batchmates for an evening. While the free food might not have been enough to distribute among the students (though it must be noted that some piled their plates with a dizzying number of chicken nuggets), the warm company and the cheer were certainly not in short supply. All thanks go to Students’ Council for organising and executing this event so well, and letting their peers end the year on a satisfying note.

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