Soleil: Orientation 2017 Preview

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By Joan Ang (17A01B), Lee Yun Ning (17A01E), and Nerissa Loe (17A13A)

You’ve heard tales from seniors about the OGs that stick together all the way until graduation. You’ve heard about the anticipation of finding out who your other OG mates are. You’ve seen the Youtube video of the batch dance, perhaps wondering what your own partner dynamics would be like. We’re talking, of course, about Orientation – the first chapter, the springboard into a vibrant, dynamic life in JC.

Orientation awaits!

Now, with Orientation 2017 just around the corner, J1s can expect 4 fun-filled days of station and war-games, song and dance, as well as the storyline musical that will follow them through their journey at orientation, from the 3rd to 8th of February.

After months of meticulous planning and repetitive dry runs to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for every individual, the Students’ Council and Orientation 2017 Committee are proud to introduce the exciting events happening at Orientation this year. For this preview, Raffles Press interviewed the two Orientation I/Cs, Cassandra Yee (17S03G) and Ho Wei En (17S03G), to find out more.

Theme and Activities

What is the theme for this year’s Orientation? What inspired it, and how has it shaped 2017’s Orientation?

The theme for this year’s Orientation is Soleil 2017! Soleil represents the sun, and we really hope that this orientation will be a memorable beginning for the incoming batch of J1s. We also hope to ignite the burning passion for Raffles through this orientation.

Could you tell us more about the activities that you’re planning for this year’s Orientation?

During Orientation, there will be a variety of station games and 4 large war games. Each game has been revised thoroughly to ensure that every OGLing will be able to participate actively in the games and have a great time.

For storyline, it will be circus-themed (inspired by Cirque du Soleil), following the story of the main character, Miranda. The storyline will be intertwined with every activity so we’ll keep that a surprise!

Highlights, Song and Dance have put up an elaborate O’Nite finale for Orientation as well. With their long hours of rehearsals and practice, we promise that the show will be spectacular!

Photobooth timings and decorations will also be more prominent this year, so do take as many pictures as you wish! (Snapchat filters are also provided!)

Is there any activity that you would like us to highlight?

For storyline, we have introduced the main character on Instagram, to increase publicity and better allow her to strike a chord with the incoming batch of J1s! Her instagram account is @mrnd_zxc, so do follow her to find out more about the storyline.

In terms of activities, how does Orientation 2017 differ from last year’s?

Dance and Song: Both dance and song have come up with their own recordings and music videos. This year’s batch dance and song will be challenging, but definitely catchy for the year 5s.

Highlights: We’ve increased the number of OG hour games so as to increase inter/intra OG bonding during lunch breaks.

War Games: We’ve introduced a new game “Quidditch” that has proven to be very fun (based on the dry runs), and is Potter-inspired! It’s basically the real Quidditch, just without the brooms!

Planning and Organising Committees

Could you tell us more about your different Sub-Committees and what they do?

Dance: Dance is in charge of choreographing the batch dance as well as the O’nite performances, and they’ve done a spectacular job! Dance especially has put in many of hours of practice, staying back till 9pm everyday for the past two weeks to prep and choreograph their dances.

Song: Song focuses on composition of the batch song, and prepares for O’Nite performances! They’ve had quite a lot of fun going to the studio to record their song and music videos.

Decor: Decor does up the orientation decor around school, snapchat geo-filters as well as the photobooth preparations around school.

Highlights: Highlights plans the Opening Ceremony and O’Nite celebrations for Orientation, and comes up with the ‘Orientation Hype Video’ as well. They help to organize dry runs and coordinate the flow of events during Orientation itself, and work closely with all other sub-comms to ensure that the program is run smoothly.

Programs and Logistics (Plogs): Plogs are the unsung heroes of Orientation, doing a lot of the background work that is important to keep Orientation running. They keep a close eye on budget, O’Packs and ensure that both OGLs and OGLings are well-fed! They help to coordinate and collate logistics and equipment needed from all sub-comms during Orientation, and ensure that the entirety of Orientation has whatever it needs.

Station and War Games: They organise two large scale activities that take up a bulk of Orientation! The OGLs here have been testing out and modifying their games to ensure OGLings get to enjoy themselves while making sure that safety is upheld.

Storyline: Storyline has come up with the flow of Orientation, and ensures the smooth transition between events. They add a lot of life to Orientation with their musical, and have also been putting in many hours of rehearsal time to perfect their play!

Orientation ICs: We ensure that all sub-committees are kept updated on each other’s work, as well as coordinate an overall timeline so that each sub-committee can work alongside each other without any hassle. We also work closely with our teachers to finalize the Orientation programme and macro-details, and ensure that school protocol is followed closely by all the sub-committees.

What do you hope to achieve through Orientation 2017?

We hope that Orientation 2017 will go beyond just allowing the J1s to know the physical features of the school, but rather, be a platform for them to build friendships through their OGs, as well as allow them to create fond memories and shared experiences through the activities we will be carrying out!


How can we find out more about Orientation 2017?
Do check out:
Our Instagram account;
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And subscribe to our Youtube channel at

Any words that you have for the J1s?

Remember to have fun and recharge yourselves in the beginning of JC, because life will be exceptionally hectic after! Seize every opportunity you have in JC, actively take part in the many school activities and create a memorable 2 years in Raffles!

We, at Raffles Press, wish all J1s an enjoyable and fulfilling time at Soleil 2017!

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