CCA Previews ’17: Club Alchemy

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By Wang Tiancheng (17S03N), Vice-chairperson and Cerise Lim Yin Xin (17S03L), Treasurer

For millennia, alchemists sought to improve and transmute objects. The creation of gold was of particular interest; imagine the wealth one could gain from generating value out of almost nothing!

In Alchemy Club, knowing with certainty that a fixation on that particular element is unproductive, we explore all areas of chemistry with equal passion. These include drug synthesis, nuclear chemistry, food chemistry to satisfy your inner foodie, as well as recycling – we cover a wide range of topics so that there is something for everyone.

Two batches of Alchemists

Of course, the once-a-week sessions held from 4.30pm to 6.30 pm on Mondays are also meant for members to relax and have fun after a day of school, while also taking with them one more drop from the fountain of Chemistry. Members alternate between lab sessions and theory segments, where they are guided in making materials and compounds of interest and where they obtain understanding of underlying processes and chemistry principles respectively. We explore topics both within and beyond the H2 Chemistry syllabus and our student-facilitated sessions also allow for a comfortable environment of peer learning and amicable exchange of ideas.

Can’t wait for hands-on action? Fret not, Alchemy Club places consistent emphasis on trying things out, and our lab experience is one like no other for both diversity of experience and lab time. Our lab practicals are designed to allow members to connect their immediate environment to chemistry. Therefore, they are kept simple and with an emphasis on everyday objects and phenomena ranging from candle making to food science. So don’t worry, we don’t expect you to discover gold.

Learning to make thick frothy chocolate (mm food science)

Just want to sit back and discuss puzzles with your friends? We have you covered! Our theory segments always come with rewards for good understanding, demonstrated through answering jeopardy-style questions when each session concludes.

Needless to say, we extend our welcome to anyone interested, be it those who just want to try something new or those who have professed their undying love for Chemistry. To that end, we explore unconventional topics to allow everyone to learn something regardless of their prior knowledge.

We learn and improve by experimenting, and in 2017, Alchemy will expand its horizons to give our members a more holistic experience. Opportunities to organise the Raffles Science Festival and participate in the Chemistry Circuit Challenge by NUS are most likely available for members as with previous years. On top of that, the club is also exploring alternative avenues of learning as well as pushing for new initiatives such as VIA opportunities where members share their love of chemistry with primary school students.

Alchemy Club aims to advance the frontiers of chemistry, providing an environment conducive to learning yet with minimum pressure. The alchemists of old may not have succeeded in finding value, but perhaps, at the end of your 2 years with us, you will.

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