Fight in the Sun, Fight in the Rain: A Div Soccer Girls Finals

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By Bryan Ling (17S06C)

A not so dark but stormy evening.

A combination of rain, lightning, and a close 3rd/4th placing match going on to penalty shootouts between Saint Andrews and Meridian Junior College led to the game being delayed for more than an hour.  So by the time the girls finally took to the field, the entire crowd was all pumped up.

The teams line up on the field before the match

In spite of an early counterattack from the Raffles side, the tide quickly turned, and most of the match was spent on the defensive fending off fearsome aggression from VJC with goalkeeper Amber Voo blocking shot after shot.

The wet conditions of the field due to the earlier downpour was of particular note, at times altering the trajectory of the ball and hindering player mobility.

At the 21 minute mark, a crack in RI’s valiant defence led to VJC finding net.  This was quickly followed up by a second goal at the 23rd minute.  

The girls fought back hard, and at the 38th minute a free kick off a handball from VJC allowed team captain Goh Ming Wei to score the team’s first goal.

VJC, however, wasn’t about to give up either, and just a few short moments later a quick counter attack led to them scoring off a long drive at the 40 minute mark.

Another quick goal 5 minutes into the second half further lengthened the lead, but the team remained undaunted, pushing back courageously until the very last minute, to the point where Alyssa Deanne suffered a leg cramp after an attempted cross in to score during the last few minutes of the match.

At the final whistle blow, the score stood at VJC 4, RI 1, with VJC returning to clinch their 4th title in a row.

In the stadium, the mood was visibly subdued among the Raffles crowd, even as the cheers and celebration from the VJC supporters erupted.  But whatever trace feelings of disappointment that were there quickly passed, and as soon as the prize giving ceremony was over Rafflesians poured out onto the pitch to show their support.

Singing the school anthem after the match


It’s easy to feel proud of your school in times of glory.  It’s harder to stand beside them in times of defeat.  But at the end of the day, through the rain and storm, what’s important is that we band together and unite as one school, to cheer each other on as one Raffles family.

Team Raffles unites after a well fought game

And in that moment, down on that pitch with those girls who had given it their all, we could not be prouder to be Rafflesians.

Starting Lineup

#2 Lim Yu Qian 16S07B

#5 Aqilah Dariah Mohamad Zulkarnain 16S03M

#9 Elrina Ang Hui Min 16S03K

#10 Goh Ming Wei (Captain) 16S06F

#12 Wu Jiaxuan 16S03G

#13 Loh Huai Chin 16S06H

#18 Stefanie Dana Oh Qiaorong 16S03B

#19 Rafeeqa Binte Ameenuthin 16S03R

#21 Ethel Foo Jie Ying 16A01E

#22 Amber Voo E Ning 17S06L

#23 Alyssa Deanna Bte Yazrin 17S07B


#1 Tu Chang 16S06P

#3 Seah Jia Ying (Vice Captain) 16S06R

#4 Chan Wen Yi 16S07C

#7 Julia Goh Yen Ling 16A01A

#8 Zahirah Bte Mohamad Rosle 16A01C

#11 Balachander Prashanthi 16S06B

#14 Chan Wei Ting 16S06S

#15 Lee Rui En 16S06A

#16 Tan Hui Ting, Alyssa 16S06K

#17 Munifa Shaza Bte Mohammad F 16A01C

Bonus: At the 17 minute mark a ball was kicked entirely out of bounds. It was later retrieved by members of 17S06C.


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