A day in the life of: A Player

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This article is part of the CCA Previews for 2016.

By Celine Ng (16A01A) and Cai Hai Yun (16S03B), Co-chairpersons

Three very quick things to know about Raffles Players.

Firstly, CCA is at the Black Box.

1_J1 Production
The batch of ‘16 with our teachers in our natural habitat.

Officially known as the TSR or Theatre Studies Room, this place is more often called the TSD, or most often, ‘that shady room opposite popular’. We’re very glad to call it home.

A clean, open space with astoundingly brilliant lights, this is where most CCA sessions are held. Here, we meet up for workshops (typically designed and run by seniors), rehearsals and batch meetings.

2_Sarthak and Ko Lyn
Sarthak and Ko Lyn can’t wait to have you join us in the TSD.

Secondly, CCA is flexible.

There are always plenty of opportunities for members to try their hands at something different. These include event planning, directing, acting, production and stage managing, creating impressive sets, controlling lights and sounds, doing makeup and costumes, being active in the publicity committee and much more.

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Opportunities to perform at external venues are also available. Last year, members put up a week-long performance at the Esplanade as part of its Peer Pleasure festival. While some were involved in acting, others had professional guidance at backstage work and gained tremendous insight into the technicalities of running a show. Outside of that, we also put up a triple bill at this year’s Literature Night, another exciting opportunity in which our members got to write, direct and act in original pieces of their own.

The important thing is to be passionate, adventurous and willing to learn. Many of our members do come in with special skills, but everyone picks up something new along the way as long as they’re willing to give things a try. Even those who focus most on acting often find themselves stretched in ways they never expected — at Raffles Players, exploration is always encouraged over relying on the tried and tested.

5_Rishi and Celine (creative sitting)
See? Takes skill to sit so creatively.

Above and beyond that, we value mutual support and encouragement. The freedom in our CCA is very much founded on our trust in each other , so we prize those who are committed to standing by their CCA mates one hundred percent.

6_You never pose alone
You never pose alone in Raffles Players.

More commonly, Players are involved in 3 main annual productions in school — Inter House Competition Dramafeste, College Production and J1 Production. In each production, members are usually given a great deal of authority as to what we want to present; ideas are always appreciated and frequently entertained as we strive to put up something unique and close to our hearts. J1 production especially, an annual production organised by the J1s themselves, will be a memorable bond-forming experience and we can guarantee that the banter and heart-warming efforts put in by everyone will stay lodged in your hearts.

7_Sreshya, Vasu, Wen Wen, Valerie (Banter)
Heart-warming banter featuring Sreshya, Vasu, Wen Wen and Valerie.

Thirdly, players are hard core.

Standard CCA sessions are on every Wednesday 2 to 5pm. However during production periods, you can only expect rehearsals to be much more hectic. As preparation can take up to nearly half a year to less than a month, rehearsals may vary in frequency and intensity and is usually up to the directors to decide. But hey, all for the sake of having a good time right?

8_Sufyan and Sarthak (Intensity)
Here at Players, everything is done with care and attention to detail. Everything.

All in all, we are a bunch of dynamic, passionate people committed to putting up good works of theatre and developing our members. So whether you’re seeking to continue your theatre journey in RI or just interested to try something new, why not drop by and try things out? If you think you’re hard working, resilient, and willing to contribute to the Players family, we could be just the right fit for you! In any case, auditions are an excellent time to get a sense of what we do in Players and who we are, so it’s always worth the shot! Auditions typically comprise of a group segment, an individual component, and a quick interview.

At the end of the day, just keep in mind that a journey with us will be unpredictable and at times downright confusing, but at all times exciting and enriching! JC can be stressful, but it can also be a time for great fun and adventure. So why not spend it with the most fun and adventurous people you’ll find? At any rate, we here at Raffles Players wish you all the best in finding the home that best suits you, and welcome you to make the TSD yours.

Love, Raffles Players.
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