A-Level Results 2015: Ground Sentiments

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By Christine Saw (15A01A), Wilson Chan (15A01C), Valerie Chee (15S07B), Kang Yi Xi (15S03N)
Additional reporting by Md Khairillah (16A10B), Kristal Ng (16S07C), Ian Cheng (16S03M), Huang Jiawen (16S06G)
Photos by Chang Po Chun (16S03K)

The time of the year has come again for a fresh batch of students to receive their long-awaited GCE A-Level results. Apprehension filled the air as the Batch of 2014 entered the MPH, greeted by the familiar faces they had spent their A Level journey with. Months of hard work culminated on this very day, and the atmosphere was pleasant as many calmed their nerves through chatting jovially with their classmates and friends in the last time they would be officially united together as a cohort.

The batch of 2014 singing the Institution Anthem for the last time
The batch of 2014 singing the Institution Anthem for the last time

The release of the results began with the ceremonial singing of the Institution Anthem before Mr Chan took to the podium to address the cohort, opening his speech by congratulating the batch on their excellent results. “I’m going to deliver this very happily because RI has once again done very well.” he said, wishing them the best for their grades before launching into his report on the school’s overall results. Click here for details of the cohort’s performance. He followed by addressing the representatives visiting from the RGS Y1-4 side, thanking them for their support. Ms Chin Jen Fu, the RGS Deputy Principal of Academic Studies, commented, “I think RI has helped [our girls] transition from RGS to JC well, (allowing them) to get such sterling results.”

The S05, S06, and S07 classes departed to collect their results in the ISH, while the other classes remained in the MPH. Despite the crowd’s mixed reactions, given the cohort’s commendable performance as a whole, it was unsurprising that many students were satisfied with their results.

2014's batch receiving their A-Level results
The 2014 batch receiving their A-Level results

Chong Zhiyang (14S03I) remarked, “Overall, my batch has put in a lot of effort into studying for [the] A levels … Studying with my friends really helped as I could ask them questions when I had doubts. The teachers were also very supportive and encouraging.” Sean Ng (14S06F), who plans on applying for Accountancy, did much better than he expected, and related how he had locked himself in his room for one whole month. He also expressed his gratitude to his parents for the support they had provided him with throughout his revision. These sentiments were echoed by Bryan Ang (14S06O), who appreciated how his parents had bought food for him and turned off the TV to ensure that he had a conducive study environment. Bryan hopes to enter the medical sector, failing which he will go into pharmacy. However, Mr Chan Poh Meng was careful to remind students, “I hope that these good results are something Rafflesians will not take for granted and that you will always give off your best and work hard.”

Amidst the euphoria and contented faces, there were also those who were disappointed with their results. Regardless of how the students scored, Mr Chan asserted that they should he would like them “to always see that at the end of the day, many of them have lots of aspirations and some of them may have a small disappointment on their own personal level … I’d like to encourage them not to let these results define them. They should learn to redefine their results for themselves, learn from it and move on, because that’s the most important thing a Rafflesian must have”. Similarly, civics tutor Mr Patrick Wong (14S06R) urged the J3s to “remember that this is not the end at all, by any means” and to “leave this place a better person, rather than as someone with a certificate”.


Many Civics Tutors expressed pride in their students’ commendable performance. Pleased, not so much with their end results but rather with the exceptional amount of effort they had put in, Mr Marvin Lai (CT of 14S03I) applauded his class for exceeding his expectations, acknowledging that “many of them put in effort in the last lap and a great majority of the class showed great improvement. I feel happy for them and I wish them all the best for the future”. Mrs Magdalene Tan (CT of 14S03C) remarked, “Whatever grades (they get), I think they have given their best … They should celebrate their hard work.”

The thoughtfully designed chalkboard in the canteen
The thoughtfully designed chalkboard in the canteen

At the end of the day, many of those whom we interviewed underscored the importance of consistent hard work and encouraged their juniors to start preparations early. As Mr Chan aptly put, “I think when it comes to diligence versus inspiration, I still believe it’s diligence and discipline.”

Raffles Press congratulates the Batch of 2014 on their outstanding results and wishes them all the best in their future endeavours!

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