Lumière 2015 Preview: Part 2

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By the Orientation Committee
Additional reporting by Ching Ann Hui (15S03A), Yeo Jia Qi (15S03H) and Tan Yi Chern (15S03N)

With just one day to go till Orientation, Raffles Press is proud to bring you the second edition of our behind-the-scenes overview of what to expect in the biggest event of the school calendar. After seven months of planning and preparation, including weekends and the year-end holidays, on behalf of the 34th Students’ Council’s Orientation Committee, here is a sneak peek of what went into the making of Orientation, and what you as a J1 can expect! Today we feature Decor, OG Hours, and PLogs.



We are the icing on your cupcake,
the ketchup to your french fries,
the cheese in your macaroni,
the sprinkles on your ice cream,
and the cherry on top!

We may not be the first thing you notice – but just take a closer look around and you will find us everywhere! From designing the Orientation logo to stringing the fairy lights, the Décor Subcomm works on all the little details to make your Orientation experience even more amazing than it is! Interested in knowing the sneak previews for the Orientation programme? Well, unzip your O’Pack and check out our programme booklet! Feeling lost around school? Embark on ouRJourney at the MPH walkway as we bring you on a virtual tour of the school campus and the various events in the school term! Can’t wait to unleash your inner celebrity? The lights, props, (but no cameras) have been set-up for you at the photo booth in the canteen! Missing Christmas already and can’t wait for Chinese New Year? Don’t worry – we’ve got both fairy lights and lanterns prepared for you! And a final word of advice – do dress up for a night of glitz and glamour at O’Nite as we ignite the light and let it shine bright like a diamond! Although we work behind the scenes, do not underestimate us, ‘cos we are the highLIGHT to Lumière!


The PLOGs (programme and logistics) subcomm has been established from the very first orientation to coordinate and support the efforts of all the subcommittees. Since the very beginning, PLOGs has been tasked with administrative matters, matters of the stomach as well as the O’Packs for incoming students! In planning for this, we held several meetings to iron out issues in our systems to ensure that orientation would run like a well-oiled machine. To test our systems we were given two dry run dates to simulate attendance taking, food distribution as well as our online attendance update systems! We faced many difficulties and challenges such as distributing food by house especially given the changes in the day’s attendance and also effectively communicating with the OGLs on our systems and protocols. But through it all, we’ve pulled through and reorganised our systems and tools to be more orderly and efficient and hopefully help to contribute to an overall smooth sailing and fantastic experience for all OGLings!

OG hours:

Are you looking forward to getting to know your fellow OG mates more? Are you excited to get to know more about our school and your OGLs? Then look forward to the all new OG Hours!! We’ll break the ice, and make sure that you get comfortable with one another:) And for that, we’ve planned an array of interesting activities just for you, including OGL sharing sessions! Each of you will also be given an angel and mortal. OG Hours time will be a good breather from the intense and heated war and station games. While resting, you get to have meaningful conversations within your OG, getting to know them at a deeper level. We hope you can take away fond memories of Orientation, and continue hanging out together long after Orientation has ended!

From Storyline to War Games to the PLogs that tie everything together, what a great deal of heart has gone into making Lumière a reality for the incoming batch of 2016. As you eagerly await the highly-anticipated call that will determine your OGLs and extended family in JC, check out the War Games and Station Games preview, as well as watch the batch dance video and familiarise yourself with the moves! Also, do visit the Lumière 2015 Facebook page. Raffles Press wishes you fun, excitement and close friends over the next few days, and hopes that you make the most of your Orientation experience.

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