Lumière 2015 Preview: Part 1

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By the Orientation Committee
Additional reporting by Ching Ann Hui (15S03A), Yeo Jia Qi (15S03H) and Tan Yi Chern (15S03N)

With 6 days remaining to Orientation 2015, Raffles Press is proud to bring you a behind-the-scenes overview of what to expect in the biggest event of the school calendar. After seven months of planning and preparation, including weekends and the year-end holidays, on behalf of the 34th Students’ Council’s Orientation Committee, here is a sneak peek of what Lumière 2015 will be all about. Today we feature Storyline, Song & Dance, War Games and Station Games.

Bringing you Lumière: Orientation Committee 2015

Lumière, French for light. Light is a natural agent that stimulates sight and illuminates our surroundings. This draws a parallel to Orientation, the very first light in this new chapter of your life, preceding the many brand new experiences that lie ahead!

Light also represents joy, once again hinting at the many fun times and great memories you will experience in your time here in RI. Orientation will give you exactly that opportunity to discover your own light!

Our personal wish for you is that you will leave all your worries and all your insecurities behind, come with an open heart and mind, and truly enjoy Orientation. We are sure that Orientation will be a memorable event that you’ll certainly look back upon in the future. Without further ado, here is a brief preview of the respective sub-committees for Lumière 2015!


Just a tiny portion of the immense Storyline set!

Storyline is the most fantastical amazing wonderful thing you will see. (Just kidding.)

We won’t reveal much about Storyline as it will ruin the big surprises that you are in for, so this is all we’re going to tell you:

What is Storyline? Storyline is the story of Lumière. But beyond just being a story; it is also about a life we must all live. What will be the light that will keep you going for the next two years? Will it be your grades? Working towards a distant future? Will you even let light into your JC life? Finding this light is all up to you, and this is where we want to show you, that maybe the light that you always needed is just a touch away.

War Games


Are you ready for waaaarrrr!!! Get ready to break into a sweat, tussling and pushing to fight for your house during our 4 games on day 2 and 4, namely Capture the Flag, Jedi, Virus and Clash of the Centipedes. This is the only component of orientation that will contribute to your house standings, so go ALL OUT! The war won’t be easy, and you will see everyone going a bit crazy, but we assure you that everything will return to normal when lessons start.

Station Games


Good day Agent,

Let us all do away with the uninteresting chugga-chugga-choo-choo impression we have of Station Games. Instead, brace yourselves for The Chronicles of Noirnia: Quest of the Elements. You will discover the magical wonders of Raffles Institution while exploring regions of fire, earth, water, wind and lightning. From dodging hailstones to throwing lavaballs to avoiding landmines, you will embark on a sensational journey on foot while viewing the compelling sights the school has to offer. If your sense of direction is less than stellar, fret not, for you will be provided with a quest map. To unlock the secret of the map, you will visit hidden areas all over Raffles and meet the dwellers of this enchanting realm for a short chitchat session.

The Chronicles of Noirnia: Quest of the Elements promises to be an invigorating experience which will test the strength of your OG. It doesn’t come close to being the most war-mongering and dangerous activity your Orientation will have to offer, but it will definitely be by far the most unique “station games” you will go through. Stay courageous, take heart, and let your journey begin!



We play the music for you.
We make the music with you.
We inspire the music in you.
And most importantly,
We ignite the music within you.
The best way to spread Orientation hype is by singing the batch song loud for all to hear.

This year, to celebrate the birth of a new batch of Year 5s, the Song Committee brings you a wonderful original composition! Staying true to the theme Lumière, the heartfelt lyrics of Shining Bright will sing you through your two years in RI. It is definitely something to look forward to! We have an exciting performance prepared for you. Get ready to sing and mosh your hearts out during O Nite because it will be a night you will never forget! We’re ready, are you?



“You kidnap my heart like some classic treasure and I want it that way”

Dance has much in store for OGLings this Orientation! From the ever anticipated batch dance to DanceOff during O Nite (where we crown our very own dance King and Queen), not forgetting the O Nite performance by our very own subcomm members (a feast for the eyes)! Feeling lost after reading the quote above? Fret not, simply watch our batch dance MV or learn the moves (so you can groove) from the dance tutorials on YouTube!

We’ve come a long way and we dare say, you’ll definitely enjoy your experiences at Orientation! How we wish we could relive our own! In particular, we are sure that you’ll enjoy the dances! Let your hair down, work those feet and let’s start dancing: it’s your turn to SHINE! After all, Dance has been working hard all for you: We are but 30 dancers, 4 dances, 1 dance for Lumière!

Excited for Orientation yet? Visit the Lumière 2015 Facebook page at and look out for the dance video to be released shortly! Watch Raffles Press for Lumière Preview Part 2.

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