CCA Preview’15: Chinese Language Drama & Cultural Society

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CLDCS, the Chinese Language Drama and Cultural Society, is a Performing Arts CCA which includes three sections, Drama, Songwriting and Calligraphy.

Many people know us from our annual concert in early May. We perform and showcase what we have done for the whole year, performing dramas and songs originated by ourselves and exhibiting our calligraphy. Our aim is to promote Chinese culture to everyone in every way we can. Hence, we value individual talents. If you are people who have lots of creative ideas, our CCA is the place for you.


We are just a group of people who are passionate in the Chinese culture and we express our passion through acting, singing and writing. No worries if you do not speak Chinese fluently. Our external instructors usually use English or mix English with Chinese when they conduct lessons, promoting better understanding. Even our members discuss and communicate in English as well. Don’t let the lack of fluency in Chinese stop you from joining our CCA.

Since we have three sections, you can choose according to your interests. We will take in those who are passionate about music and acting, who are excited to transform the club and take the lead, and those who want to shine under the spotlight and share their passion with other people. No worries if you are not interested in all three sections. We welcome students who have the interest in stage managing, light effects and sound effects as our annual concert is all fully planned by our members only. We need different talents to make our performance a successful one.

In the Drama section, we play games to train our acting skills, write scripts according to our interests and train one another to become better actors and actresses. One script requires almost one year to complete. We act it out, and then do amendments. And the process repeats. This ensures that our script improves better overtime. We try our best to ensure that our audiences can relate to our drama to the greatest extent and have the emotional connection, in order to convey our message. Every drama has a message to convey and we express our thoughts through these dramas. And we have to thank our external instructor, Mr.Chou, an experienced and friendly teacher as well as an actor, who taught us all these things.


In the Songwriting sections, we have two external instructors to teach our members how to compose a song, create a melody and write the lyrics. No music background is required as long as you have the passion to perform. Songs are also amended again and again to ensure the quality. We will also record and sell a CD with all our music pieces to raise funds for charities. Sounds exciting to own an album?


In the Calligraphy section, members go for training without the help of external instructors. It does not matter that much that there is no external instructors because calligraphy is an Art that requires more practices than theory. You will benefit from the training as you learn discipline as well.

What we want our members to have is the passion to learn and to promote the Chinese culture. If you have it, we will take you in. No past experience is required.


Our weekly training sessions will be on Tuesdays for Songwriting and Calligraphy and Wednesdays for Drama after school. You can choose to sign up for one section or more. There will be more trainings near our annual concert to make sure that our members are well-prepared and ensure the quality of our performance.

In the club, we help each other to learn and grow together. Apart from many leadership opportunities, you can also look forward to a fulfilling year of new friendship, pursuing your passion and showcasing your talents.

We hope you will join us!

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