Ready for an electrifying evening? CultuR Shock! Preview

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By Raffles Writers’ Guild


Do you want to be wowed by wild dance moves? Tap your feet in tune with the blues?

Experience all that and more at CultuR Shock!. A collaboration between the Raffles Writers’ Guild and the school’s Communications, Alumni Relations & Advancement (CARA) department, CultuR Shock! features a series of performances from students, staff and alumni that showcase the diversity of artistic talents at Raffles. Highlights include a comedy routine from former Raffles Players member Shrey Bhargava, classical music by Campus Superstar quarter-finalist Yeo Min (14S05A), poetry slam by Wahid Al Mamun, and the ever-popular Street Dance. There will also be unique displays outside the performance venue, such as live graffiti painting by Simon Tang (14S06O), a giant Griffles sculpture by local origami artist Mr Leong Cheng Chit, and poetry-on-demand by the Writers’ Guild. The Writers’ Guild will also be selling its 2014 anthology Love, Death, and Some Things In Between. CultuR Shock! will be held in LT2 at 7pm on 14 May, and more information about the event can be found here.

The Human Face: an origami piece by alumnus Mr Leong Cheng Chit
The Human Face: an origami piece by alumnus Mr Leong Cheng Chit

Beyond a fun-filled night, CultuR Shock! also serves as a launch for the CultuR website, an online platform for Rafflesians past and present to showcase their artistic works. Works from the CultuR Shock! performers and more can be accessed on the website, including films by the Raffles Film Society and documentary articles by the Raffles Community Advocates. The CultuR website is up here, and updates will be posted on its Facebook page.

With such an impressive lineup, this is certainly an event not to be missed. You can order tickets online here, or head down to the canteen to buy them from friendly Guild members at only $6. Thank you, and we hope to see you there!

Note: A previous version of this article inaccurately stated that choir member Tiara Valencia Sadikin will be performing at CultuR Shock!. This has since been amended.


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