CCA Preview ’14: Indian Cultural Society (ICS)

Looking for something exciting and fun yet meaningful? Do you want to bond with your fellow Indian batchmates over some interesting activities? Then Indian Cultural Society is the CCA for you. In ICS, you get to organise and participate in numerous notable events from our annual cultural production to service learning activities. In collaboration with SINDA, we organised Value-O-City (notice the pun with velocity and vivocity? hehe), an Amazing Race targeted at 150 primary school students at Sentosa. It was fun-filled day with various games and activities which not only enriched the kids but also our ICS members. We also did a 5-week long Skills School Programme for Primary 4 to 5 kids with emphasis on inspiring and mentoring the kids. Members were happy to make an impact on the small kids in a big way.

Kids & Student Facilitators at Value-O-City Amazing Race
Kids & Student Facilitators at Value-O-City Amazing Race
The Hero & Villains at Value-O-City Amazing Race
The Hero & Villains at Value-O-City Amazing Race

Look forward to being on stage in our very own annual Sangamam show, a cultural showpiece. Sangamam is one of the main highlights of our CCA as members come together to showcase their talents such as acting, singing and dancing. The road to Sangamam is filled with memories as you get to work with your friends to stage this production. As Maanasa, a member of ICS mentioned, “Sangamam is one of the most fun thing in JC!” Sangamam 2014 will feature a major change from the previous years. Come join ICS and get to be part of this milestone. You can surely expect the unexpected…

Sangamam 2013
Sangamam 2013

Other than just in the Raffles Indian community, members also get to be involved in the wider Indian community through participation in SINDA Youth Leaders’ Seminar and Yishun Junior College Seminar.  Our members have also participated in diverse competitions from short films to short story writing.

We meet either on Wednesdays or Fridays weekly/fortnightly and more frequently as events draw closer. Your involvement in ICS is fully up to you, flexible and you can choose to take on responsibilities such as being in charge of events or help out during the event itself.

There is no pressure, only laughter and memories as one big family.


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