CCA Preview ’14: Bridge Club

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By Ang Yu Sheng (14S06A) and Lee Hwee (14A03A)


Bid independently, call a card as a partner, guess who your partner is through the course of the game, and stop once you’ve reach the required number of “sets” – that’s what Bridge is to you isn’t it?

Welcome to Contract Bridge, where the confounding bidding process speaks meaning for itself. A game where your partner is already determined, where you are allowed to have a look at all of a player’s cards and if you are lucky, may even get to have a rest and spectate a game without even playing a single card! Seems like a culture shock?

Not to fear for we will guide all members through the basics and the various strategies that can be utilized for competitive play. Trainings are conducted on Wednesdays and Fridays, and include lessons on bidding and game play (which are conducted by a senior, an alumni, or our teacher-in-charge – Mr Marvin Lai), as well as pair matches or team matches to prepare members for different types of competitions.

In essence, what is the point of training and practising if we do not experience participating in a competition? Throughout the 2 years, we encourage members to participate in various inter JC competitions as well as other international competitions, which has produced outstanding results, clinching 2 out of 3 championship trophies across the inter JC competitions.

Bridge Club is looking for students who are passionate in strategic games which exercises their mental wit and intelligence. We are also seeking members who desire to pursue Bridge as their hobby, dedicating their time and effort to refine and hone their skills, and to bring their gameplay to a much higher level.

There is a common misconception that Bridge is but a frivolous social game that is predominantly based on luck. However, this is untrue. The result of a round is largely determined by the skill a player possess, the depth of analysis conducted, and whether he is able to exploit slight advantages available to earn extra tricks. This goes to say that the result of a hand does not depend on your cards, but the way you play them with your tactical knowledge. The same hand, played differently, will yield different results. Sometimes, one slight blunder can prove to be extremely costly.

This is not to say that bridge is a game purely for “intellectuals” or a game where more experienced players always win. Almost every new member of the club is new to the game as well. Hence, new members can learn to enjoy and explore this truly amazing game in a friendly environment at Bridge Club.

So come join us, and embark on a journey exploring the “king of all card games” (Bill Gates), and ace it yourself!

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