CCA Preview ’14: Gymnastics

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By Raffles Gymnastics

When you think of the word ‘gymnastics’, what comes to mind would probably be a beautifully executed routine that you’d seen being performed at the Olympics, a showcase of skill, flexibility and strength. That’s right, that’s what the best gymnasts are able to achieve, and that’s what we aim to execute at the end of the day. But in reality…things aren’t quite as glamorous.

Welcome to the gymnasium, where you’ll be more likely to hear screams rather than applause, more likely to see accidents occur rather than picture-perfect moments, but also most definitely where you’ll be able to see a bunch of gymnasts trying their best to perfect their routines amidst a warm and lighthearted atmosphere. Quite honestly, we’re nowhere near the standard of the Olympics gymnasts and we’re not going to give you an idealised picture of what you’ll get out of training with us because you could take one step into the gymnasium and know we’ve been lying.

But we can tell you this, the kind of training environment we’ve cultivated is one that is supportive and encouraging – we have none of that competitiveness and deep-harboured bitterness you may see in other more selective CCAs – instead, we have seniors coming back now and then to help us out, and rest assured your own teammates will always be there to back you up. We also have two amazing coaches who will not only watch over you during trainings, but will also be sure to take great interest in your lives outside the gym to ensure you don’t go too far astray ;-) (-cough- Facebook –cough- Instagram)

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If you’re trying out this sport for the very first time and you’re worried about not having any prior background, don’t worry, we welcome you all the same! It may be slightly difficult in the beginning, but be it trampoline or rhythmic gymnastics, so long as you’re daring and open-minded to trying new things, once you’ve got the basics down pat, you’ll be flipping and twirling like the rest of us. All it takes is a bit of courage, and lots of practice, which you will surely get enough of, with 2 training sessions per week, each 3 hours long.

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If you’re still unsure, feel free to come down to the gymnasium during our training times to get a feel of what it’ll be like, but really, let us assure you that it’ll be a whole lot of fun; after all, with the warmth that comes with training within a tight-knit team and the thrill that accompanies acquiring a new skill, what more could you ask for?

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