CCA Preview ’14: Society of Biological Sciences

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by Felis silvestris catus (editor’s note – yes, this means the domestic cat in fancy Latin words)

Hello there. Do you have a habit of dissecting your meals? Do you like to explore biodiversity beyond the boundaries of your textbooks? Do you daydream of cultivating your very own flower hybrid?

Biosoc 1
Brassocatanthe Hope Of A Better Age: First orchid hybridised by the Raffles Society of Biological Sciences
(Photo credit: Communications Dept)

Well if you do, then maybe our CCA may just be the thing for you. As a member, you will get a chance to explore wildlife (yes, wildlife still exists in Singapore) and delve into some of Singapore’s nature parks and reserves to understand our precious ecology through experiential learning. Our field trips are not only enriching, but also provide students with a chance to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle and take a break from all the school work (yes, even those Biology tutorials). We also have conduct trips to Chek Jawa, St John’s, etc., which gives students the rare opportunity to explore such places.

There will also be sharing sessions for professionals in biology-related fields (Medicine, Ecology, Veterinary Medicine etc.) to come down and interact with our members. Members will obtain the unique opportunity to obtain subject-based and career-based knowledge that will help to give them a direction in Biology in their future aspirations.

Through our dissection sessions, dissecting an animal no longer means cutting up body parts (for some), members will acquire dissecting skills and better appreciate animals and their systems. Unlike most other CCAs, we meet up on Thursdays, from 4.30 to 6.30pm. This means that should you have other interests that you are keen to pursue, you aren’t restricted by it.

If you like cats, orchids or dissecting animals, then BioSoc may just be the place for you!

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