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It is highly likely that one of the first things you will do as a Year 5 RI student (in addition to becoming overwhelmed at the huge number of members of the opposite sex appearing in your vicinity) will be getting lost on campus. Call it an initiation of sorts, but given the size of our school, it is quite forgivable that this happens. Even boys who have been around from Year  1-4 can scarcely find their way around (apart from – yes – the canteen and 7/11). But just so you can be prepared, and hopefully avoid the multiple stages of confusion, helplessness and panic, here is a guide to the RI Year 5-6 campus.


#1 How to get to lessons and lectures

Lectures can be held in any of the six lecture theatres (LTs). LTs 1 and 2 are located in Block C, LT3 in Block A, and LTs 4 and 5 are in Block B.


LT6 is primarily for the Humanities Program (HP) students, and is located in Block J, informally known as the HP Block.


It will take some time to get used to the lecture system, especially if you have been exposed to the standard classroom settings throughout your school life, but it is probably wise to avoid falling asleep in lectures even if the very first math topic is graphs (be warned!) and you have no clue how to perform transformations.

Tutorials are held in classrooms located mainly in Blocks A to D. For example, the classroom A24 refers to Block A, Level 2, Classroom 4.


Science practical sessions are held in the science labs in Block E. Levels 1 and 1M house the physics labs, Level 3 the Biology labs and Level 4 the Chemistry labs.


Unfortunately, most of us do not have a home room in Year 5 (apart from the HP students), meaning walking around the campus, sometimes from one end to another between lessons, will be the norm.

#2 How to get to your PE venue

There is a whole range of possible venues for PE lessons, such as the Marymount field, the Indoor Sports Hall, Multi-purpose Hall and the gym. Here are some important locations you should take note of:

Marymount field: Field beside the Marymount MRT gate


Indoor Sports Hall (ISH): Block K, Level 1


Multi-purpose Hall (MPH): Block L, Level 2

Stadium: Beside Block L


Gym and PE Department: Block L, Level 1


“The Cage” (an indoor court): in front of Block L


Gryphon Square: between Marymount field and Block L


Indoor basketball court: Behind the canteen


#3 Where to study

Maybe CTs are looming, or you just want a quiet, comfortable place to complete your homework. Here are some places you might find conducive!

1. Libraries: The Shaw Foundation Library (Block H, Level 4) or the Hullett Memorial Library (Y1-4 campus) are quiet, conducive and best of all, air-conditioned.

2. Canteen: This allows you to talk to friends and enjoy easy access to food – if this works for you and you don’t mind the noise, the canteen is the place for you.

3. Windy benches: The benches located beside the Theatre Studies Room (Block A, Level 1) are almost just as cool as the air-conditioned library, with a constant breeze present.Picture24

4. Pick-up point: The tables outside Manna Café (Block B, Level 1) is another popular study venue, and you can grab a milkshake or a plate of cheese fries from the café at the same time!


#4 Where to get food!

The canteen can get very crowded, especially during common lunch hours. Here are some other options you can look to for food:

1. Manna Café (Block B, Level 1): A small cozy café with set lunches as well as various sides, drinks and desserts

2. 7-11: Located right in front of the canteen, along the walkway from the Marymount gate. This is the place most head to for snacks in the evening, when most of the canteen stalls have shut.

3. RI canteen (Year 1-4 campus) Year 5-6 studentts usually head here during longer breaks to enjoy the food, which some claim is cheaper and more delicious.

4. Minimart (located beside the swimming pool near RI Boarding): Here you can find things ranging from snacks to sandwiches and even freshly made waffles!

#5 Where to settle administrative matters

1. General Office (Block H, Level 1M)


2. Student Affairs Centre (Block D, Level 1): For matters such as submitting forms, settling lost and found items, and borrowing the formal uniform for special occasions.

3. Photocopying shop (Block D, Level 1): Just beside the SAC is the photocopying shop, which you will probably visit regularly to collect lecture notes, revision packages, or just to use the photocopying machines.


4. Staff Room: To submit assignments to teachers’ pigeon holes, you will have to go to the staffroom and submit them at the receptionist’s counter.


To get to the staffroom, you can go to the Shaw Foundation Library at Level 4 and take the staircase next to its entrance to Level 3.


Otherwise, take the spiral staircase beside the Raffles Biodiversity Pond to the General Office, and take the staircase beside the guard’s table near the General Office to go up two floors.


Here at Raffles Press, we wish you all the best in navigating the school! For most, it will become too familiar after some time. Still, if you do end up lost, just ask a friendly senior for directions, and return the favour for your juniors next year.

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