RI Soccer Girls Triumph over TJC

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By Kimberley Yeo (13S05B)

With two comfortable back-to-back wins over Serangoon Junior College and NUS High on their belt, the Soccer girls were looking to extend their track record with another victory over Temasek Junior College on 11 April, Wednesday. The win at the Milennia Institute field would ensure “one foot in the semis” as coach Mr Leong Chee Mun put it. This was to be the third of five matches in the group round of the Football A Div (Girls) Nationals.

Clouds hung low overhead but the gloomy weather did not affect the spirits of our girls who delivered a wonderful game, triumphing with a score of 7-0. Despite TJC’s best efforts, RI dominated and kept the ball in the attacking half for most of the game. RI’s goal was hardly ever threatened and goalkeeper Wenqi together with defenders Cheng Lynn and Nanthini Kumararajan made sure any attempts would prove futile for the TJC side. Captain and key playmaker Khue was as usual quick and nimble with the ball, never wasting opportunities to shoot for goal. Her efforts paid off, netting two goals in the first half and another two more in the second. Stephanie also made the TJC girls work hard to maintain the scoreline. The fast right winger would have three defenders harrassing her every time she gained possession of the ball.

Our strikers Tina and Wenhui had a share in the goal spree, scoring one and two goals respectively. At the final whistle blow, the scoreline stood at an impressive 7-0, testament to Raffles’ impeccable line of defense, having not conceded a single goal during the match.

In spite of their stellar performance, a pensive Mr Leong would only say that it was a “slightly better” performance, in comparison to the previous matches. He was perhaps reminding the girls to not get complacent and to keep putting in their best into every match. The team may not be filled with seasoned players but as the team motto constantly reminds the girls, BELIEVE.

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